Monday, September 25, 2023

Making money online as a content creator

We are all content creators; what we do and what people see from what you share is the stuff you shared!  You may earn money while sharing your interest! 

So how to earn money creating content? 

Creating material does not feel like a typical office job to me. I make material because I enjoy it. I never anticipated I'd be paid to express myself and keep an online record of activities I enjoy doing, such as cooking, traveling, grocery shopping, evaluating products, and taking photos when I first started, but here I am. 

As a content creator, my main income comes from brand partnerships. I either freelance for companies in my industry, receive sponsorships to present services and products I love or use affiliate programs for nice little passive income streams. Affiliate programs is free, it became  the most powerful business and income strategy there is. 

The key to brand partnerships? Chose companies that you really like, consumed and used their products and believe in. For example, if you are in the travel or nomadic lifestyle, I recommend SafetyWing

I'm an Ambassador for their travel medical insurance because I believe you should be protected wherever you travel. Travel may be costly at times, and it is even worse when you are caught up in an accident while on the road. Things can surprise you at times, but if you are ready and prepared, the experience can be pleasant.  

Join SafetyWing affiliate program it is free and you don’t need a minimum audience size. You can find out more and join their Ambassador program.  

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