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Meats are confit-cooked in fat for a prolonged period of time at relatively low temperature. The French word confit means "preserved." As a result, tough cuts like duck legs become softer and survive all winter long when kept in duck fat and a chilly environment.

What about garlic confit? 

Instead of using meat, garlic can be confited. 

To confit garlic, I prefer olive oil, but you can use any oil you like. I like to use extra virgin olive oil because the oil's natural flavor is preserved and then gradually infused with the delicate garlic flavor as the cloves cook.


  1. Peel garlic cloves, place in a small casserole. 
  2. Submerge the garlic in extra virgin olive oil. 
  3. To flavor your garlic confit, add any herbs you like. 
  4. Set the pot to low heat and keep an eye on it to ensure the garlic does not overcook. 
  5. Allow cooling in a glass jar with a lid.

Refrigerate immediately after transferring the garlic confit and cooking oil to a clean heatproof container. The garlic confit can be refrigerated in its oil for up to 2 weeks. 

Sauces and soups can benefit from garlic confit. Break down the cloves with the back of a fork to make a paste. To make a creamy garlic dip or condiment, combine the garlic paste with plain Greek yogurt or ricotta. If desired, add fresh herbs to the mixture or drizzle with good olive oil or chili oil on top.

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