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Digital voice recorders are tools for recording both voice and music to digital files. A memory chip contains voice and sound recordings. This can be use in any event, such as press conferences, meetings, music concerts or any recording that is put into file can be recorded with digital voice recorders. If you want to record data uninterrupted by noise or interruptions frequently use digital voice recorders. Information can also be converted via digital voice recorders so that it can be input into a computer and can be shared to others via digital file. 

Numerous factors set them apart from tape recorders, not the least of which being the substantial increase in storage space available on a single microprocessor when compared to a tape recorder cassette. Size and transferring of file can be so easy when using a digital recorder. 

For this post, we will be featuring- Sony UX570 Digital Voice Recorder UX Series. Know more about this device below plus the unboxing video: 

With a high-sensitivity microphone, easy-to-use playback, and over 159 hours of storage, the UX570 series is a portable and versatile digital voice recorder that lets you record lectures, meetings, and music in stunning quality.

                                    UX570 Digital Voice Recorder UX Series - Php 7,299


  • Reduce background noise with Auto Voice Recording 
  • Get a better sound with Auto Music Recording 
  • Capture distant or quiet sounds with S-Microphone
  • Get to the point with Time Jump
  • Wider, brighter recording LED
  • Turn it up with Playback Normalization
  • Find what you need with minimum hassle
  • See clearly with a larger OLED Display
  • Thin, light and easy to carry  
  • USB direct connection for quick file transfer
  • Expand your memory with the micro SD card slot


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