Monday, July 25, 2022

Best Tips for a Great Start to the Day

There is nothing better than waking up and having a great start to the day. When you have a good morning, that feeling carries you throughout the day, leading to a better overall day, increased happiness levels, and usually higher productivity levels, as well. But, some people might think that you don’t have control over how you feel in the morning. While I agree on some level (sometimes, you just wake up and feel bad), I disagree for the most part. Why? Because with a few tips and tricks, I think that every day can be great…and it starts with your morning. How you get the day started. With that being said, here are a few of my best tips for a great start to the day. I hope you get value out of these tips and can incorporate them into your morning! 

Wake up early

Waking up early is tough to do at the moment, but once you wake up, have a great breakfast and some tea or coffee, you will feel great starting your day off earlier. To put it simply: there is not enough time in the day. To really feel accomplished, waking up early is essential. It allows you to do things that you would not normally have time for, no matter what it is. Working out, cleaning your house a bit, focusing on yourself and having time to shower, do your skin care routine, do your hair, etc. You can fit so much in during the early morning hours and a lot of the time, if you choose to start your work day early (if you work), you will find that you are much more productive in the morning when everything around the house (or workplace) is still quiet. While waking up early is not always easy, I promise that it will start your day on the right side of the bed!

Simple breakfast to start the day

Make a great breakfast and don’t forget your supplements

The #1 way to have a great start to the day is by eating a nutritious breakfast, drinking at least 1 full glass of water (preferably even more), and taking your supplements. Try to have a balanced meal so that your blood sugar is regulated - this should consist of a lot of protein (eggs, sausage, etc.), good fat (butter, avocado, etc.), and healthy carbs (like fruit or sourdough bread). Choosing good options will fuel you throughout the day, so when you choose between a sausage cheese biscuit from McDonalds vs. a green smoothie and a couple of free range eggs at home, you are choosing how you want to feel throughout the day. Make a great choice, whenever possible! 

Get dressed

Even if you are just working at home that day, wake up and great dressed. You will feel so much better doing this compared to rolling out of bed and staying in pajamas all day long. When you choose an outfit, think practical, but also think about what makes you feel great. Choose based on those two things!

Outsource where you can

Remember: you do not have to do it all. Outsource when you can! This goes for your work life AND your personal life, as well. Outsourcing can help you get things done faster, better, and more efficiently. There are some things that probably wouldn’t be smart if you did outsource, but outsourcing projects that are hard for you to do, too time consuming, or projects that you don’t know how to do is such a smart decision. For example, if you needed help moving, you would want a company that was professional and reliable, such as Star City Services. They are Roanoke long distance movers that go the extra mile for their clients. If you need help with ANY heavy lifting, call them to help you outsource the project and save time + effort.

Create routine

While routines can sometimes leave you feeling stagnant after a while, they can also be very useful. It can create structure and it can help you thrive - in the mornings, or throughout the week. For example, creating a morning routine that goes something like this could help a lot: Wake up, brush teeth, chug a glass of water and eat an avocado toast, workout for 30 minutes, shower, do your hair, chug more water with your supplements, and head out the door for work. If you missed any of those steps, you might feel a little more “bleh” about your day, but if you did each step each morning, you know that it will make you feel great. Your morning routine should include everything that helps you thrive!

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