Sunday, May 15, 2022

S&R is now available on the Shopee App


S&R Membership Shopping

S&R Membership Shopping is a warehouse club that retails premium quality imported products and services in the Philippines. 

S&R is your ticket to a huge selection of imported products all over the world. Delight to quality food, wines & liquor, furniture, appliances, health & beauty products, household items, and a whole lot more! 


You can get all of the essential items you require, as well as the most challenging product items that are not available in a typical grocery store.

  • Groceries from outside the country 
  • Premium freezer foods and the freshest choice cuts 
  • World-sourced home basics 
  • Big savings and offers!
I love going to the supermarket and grocery store to load up on food and other necessities for the house. When I have all of the things I need at home, it makes me happy. I consider grocery shopping to be an enjoyable time...who doesn't?

The nearest S&R branch in my area is two hours away by private vehicle and even longer by public transportation, and going there means having a little extra in the budget because literally "everything is available to buy!" So, when I discovered that S&R Membership Shopping is available on the Shopee App, I checked it out and added a few items to my cart. Despite the fact that the products and things in their Shopee virtual store are limited, I enjoyed exploring the pages!

Do you want to know what I bought on S&R with the Shopee App? Check out the video below; by the way, I did not pay anything for the stuff I received; I purchased with a Shopee certificate I won in an online I basically got the items for free and only had to pay for shipping! Don't you think that's double the fun?

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