Friday, May 13, 2022

Remember These Vital Points Before Moving Home

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Moving to a new home is an experience full of emotion. Excitement, trepidation, self-doubt – all of these will be swirling around as you prepare to relocate. However, it’s essential you avoid letting these emotions overtake rational thinking.

Ultimately, a lot of preparation and work is required when moving home. If you fail to put in the necessary effort, prepare for a lot of headaches – including those that can fester long after you’ve moved into your new abode.

With the correct mindset, however, it’s possible to alleviate the stress and issues associated with this major life change. Here are some vital points to remember before moving home.


A house move presents the ideal opportunity to declutter and wave goodbye to any possessions you no longer require. You want to avoid taking everything with you to your new property. Not only will this simply clutter up your new place and stop you from giving it its own identity, but there’s also the effort and cost required to move everything.

When decluttering, there’s the opportunity to have a yard sale or use online marketplaces to make some extra coin to put towards your move. You can also donate your possessions to charities and recycling centers, ensuring they end up in a place where they can be further appreciated.

Book a moving company

Once you have a general idea of the number of possessions that will be taking the trip with you, it’s time to book a moving company. Yes, there’s the option to pack and move everything on your own, but this isn’t advised. It’s an extra slice of stress you don’t need to consume at this time, and only an expert pair of hands will guarantee your possessions are safe from potential damage.

Are you worried about the cost of hiring a moving company? Well, it’s possible to receive expert assistance for a low price. This can be done through a courier auction; simply post details about your moving job, and you’ll get the best quotes from local movers that bid for the job.

Notify those that need to know about your new address 

No, this isn’t just your family and friends. There are many different people and organizations that need to know about your change in address – and the faster they know, the fewer issues you will have in the future. Those you need to notify include:

  • Your employer
  • Utility companies 
  • Your bank 
  • Internet and phone providers
  • GP and dentist
  • Insurance providers

Pack an essentials bag for the move

On the day of the move, you’ll be feeling the pressure. Your mind will be spinning as you bounce around here, there, and everywhere. Due to this, you can easily forget about the essentials – such as having food ready to eat and your smartphone fully charged.

This is why it is recommended to pack an essentials bag the night before. Toilet paper, toiletries, a change of clothes, a phone charger, a first aid kit, and important documents – you want to pack items that make the first night in your new home as comfortable as possible.


  1. Thank you for sharing these points, it's so easy to forget about the little stuff.

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