Friday, April 22, 2022



You can have digital copies of photographs, printed and processed photos from any source of camera, and they will last for years, decades, or even centuries. That is why, with each photograph or video you take with your camera or phone, you are documenting those precious moments in your life.

I consider myself a hobbyist photographer, and I used to attend seminars and join a few photography organizations in and around the city years ago. I was fortunate to secure several customers for weddings and other special occasions, and I was able to provide them with memories that would last a lifetime. 

We recently purchased an additional camera from Shopee, an online store that sells a wide range of products, including goods and services, home items, and virtually anything else. We looked for this identical camera at the mall, but the price from this Shopee seller is far lower than the mall store. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Polaroid camera comes with a free photo journal, pens, and other accessories. 
The obvious advantage of instant photographs from Polaroid cameras over traditional media is that the picture can be seen within seconds. When it comes to Polaroid cameras, there are hundreds of brands and products to choose from. 

@billyjackriderofficial Subject: Billy + Rider + JackOur new @polaroid Instax Mini 11's first film shoot! #fy #fyp #tiktok #billyjackrider #billyandjackofficial #doggos #doggies #viral #trending #cutedogs #billyjackriderofficial #furbabies #polaroidinstaxmini11 #polaroid #polaroidinstax #instaxmini ♬ original sound - Billy, Jack, and Rider!

Billy, Jack, and RIder, our furbabies, had to be in the first Polaroid photo. It was a little challenging to fire the initial image from the Instax camera because there is only one time to pose or achieve the exact timing that all three of them are in a stable stance, hehe! 

It was a wonderful first shoot with the Instax, and we're looking forward to the next series of images we'll take with it. We were very excited with the free photo journal that came with the purchase! 

 There are more memories to be captured!


  1. My daughter loves her polaroid! This one looks great! Love this review!

  2. I love instant cameras, it is always a lot of fun to play around and I totally love having things in my hands to enjoy it and display. Instant camera is something I look into buying when my child is born

  3. I love instant cameras! It actually makes have photos in physical world and make actually look at them. I like making garlands of it as well, it's very cute and fun. I am looking to buy such camera when my baby is born

  4. I used to have a Polaroid camera. This one looks really good! It's great to have a photo you can hold within seconds!

  5. I have always wanted a polaroid camera. This just makes me want one even more. I love the look of the photos when they develop.

  6. This camera is really cute and makes great pictures. My daughter also has one and loves taking polaroids.

  7. So fun! I love the feeling of a conventional camera, it is so nostalgic for me. I never got one of these but would love to still.

  8. I have been hearing that these types of poloroid cameras are back in popularity. I love the fact you can edit the photos with pens and decorations.

  9. i love this camera it makes me think of my child hood :)