Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Dream Interpretation - What Is the Meaning of My Dream?


We've all had dreams that make us want to sleep more and go back to bed, and dreams that make us want to wake up. 

It's remarkable how we have dreams in a variety of circumstances and then forgets about them when we wake up. 

Sometimes we try to figure out what such dreams mean in our lives, whether in the present or the future. We strive to incorporate the meaning of such dreams into our daily lives. We sometimes rely on online dream interpretation or even seek expert help to analyze our dreams. When I was a kid and told my grandmother about my dreams, she gave me interpretations based on the objects, people, and locations in my dreams. For example, I had a dream that I was being chased by a dog, and I was told that I was attempting to flee from something large that was upsetting me, trouble, and so on.

Dreams are subconscious thoughts and thinking that occur while sleeping, and sleep is a means for your mind to rest. It's a way of saying that when you're sleeping or resting, that part of your brain plays a huge role. Goals, frustrations, and desires can all play a role.

Last night's sleep had me having a variety of dreams. I knew I was dreaming while sleeping last night, but when I awoke this morning, I couldn't recall any of my dreams from the previous night. This prompted me to start a chat conversation with my buddies earlier. Even though we jokingly laughed and made fun of our craziest and wildest fantasies, it still made me think and try to remember them- the reason why I am putting this post up to share with you guys. 

Have you dreamt of something crazy lately? 

Do you remember your dream when you woke up?

As after finished this post, my dreams from the previous night were so vague that I couldn't recall anything!


  1. I love interpreting dreams! I find so many links to real life!

  2. I have the same. I know I dream but within a minute of waking up I forget the dreams I've had.

  3. I have always been curious about the dreams. I almost never remember what I saw in a dream. My last dream that I remembered was a very interesting and spiritual. I am pregnant and I saw a dream with child (in my dream I knew she was my daughter) and she walked among the beautiful hills and evergreen trees in Finnish Karelia. It's a funny dream because we actually 'made her' there, even more funny and spiritual it happened after my karelian husband and I made a sacrifice with the special tree of a handmade by us knitted patch and I sat on the special stone (my husband taught me how to do it and he remembered it from his grandmother). This dream only made me more sure on how his pagan beliefs do actually work

  4. When dreams are happy I remember it but if its sad and scary? I try to forget it and pray ;)

  5. I have dreamed many crazy dreams lately, but now you mention it, I forgot them. Sometimes I dream of lesson plans in my dreams, is that crazy? (I am a teacher.)

  6. I had a lot of vivid dreams towards the end of my depression. I took them as signs and began to thrive off of their messages.