Sunday, March 6, 2022

How to Restore Your Beautiful Hair After Bleaching

Since the beginning of the epidemic, when I had limited access to the outside world due to the lockdown and isolation, I've been experimenting with my hair, both in terms of cut and color. 

I've had my hair colored in a variety of colors, including green, red, pink, brown, and highlights, as well as bleached. This time, however, I decided on full-coverage bleached hair. 

What is hair bleaching? 

Bleach is a very strong chemical that reacts differently with different hair colors. Darker hair frequently turns an orange color, which does not have the desired effect on your color. Lighter hair quickly turned blondish white, but this does not keep the hair healthy.

Bleach is frequently damaging to hair. It dries it out, has the potential to kill the roots, and deprives you of the bounce you've grown accustomed to with your regular hair and hair color. You should always exercise caution when bleaching your hair because you never know what effect it will have on your hair in the long run. Never bleach your hair too frequently, as this will result in long-term hair problems.

Bleaching harms your hair because it depletes it of moisture.

Make sure your hair is healthy and in good condition before beginning the process.

  1. Deep conditioner daily - Use a deep conditioner every time you take a bath. 
  2. Hair masks - These are highly concentrated conditioning lotions that you can use once a week. Hair masks are inexpensive and may be found in any drug shop. Extra virgin olive oil can be used if you wish to keep things natural (VCO). Saturate your hair with it, cover it, and leave it for thirty to sixty minutes. Do this numerous times over a week before bleaching your hair. 
  3. You can use a leave-on conditioner or just your regular conditioner. Pour a pea-sized amount into your damp hair and apply.

My hair falls on the darker shade and based on it, it will create several times to bleaching before reaching the shade of blonde I wanted. For my hair bleaching experience, it took me twice in applying the treatment and waited 8 days after the next one. 

  • I rinsed it with water and collagen conditioner instead of shampoo after the initial bleaching. 
  • I let my bleached hair air dry before using a sufficient amount of hair Argan oil to replenish the moisture lost during the treatment. 
  • I'm doing the same things I did before the bleaching process on a daily basis. 
  • Hairstyling equipment that applies heat, such as hair irons and curlers, should be avoided. Your treated hair will become more damaged and brittle as a result of this. 
  • Hair shampoo should be avoided because it dehydrates the hair. 

It's time to quit bleaching after you've gotten the desired shade of lightness, as continuing to do so will just make it drier and brittle. You should also get your hair trimmed because you're bound to have split ends and hair fall. After you've finished trimming your hair, it's time to tend to your tresses. 

There's a good chance your hair won't be the same as it was before, but following these methods will help you get it back to its former beauty. You can also use the following products in addition to the previously mentioned deep conditioner, hair mask, and leave-on conditioner:

After you've finished bleaching your hair, you'll need to follow a certain hair care program. 

Shampooing your hair too often will strip it of moisture; instead, use hair moisturizing treatments like hair keratin and a generous amount of virgin coconut oil, which you may leave on overnight to soak in.

Enjoy you bleached hair and remember, you can always decide on what hair color you will grow back again. You only live once, have fun with your hair!!! :)

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