Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Women's Fashion Tips: Choosing the Right Everyday Bag

Do you agree with me that an everyday bag is the one item that every woman needs? 
An everyday bag, also known as a go-to bag, is something we can grab in a hurry to run an errand or go somewhere we need to bring our basic items. Every day isn't always the bag we use for special occasions or activities. We ladies have a specific bag that we carry for formal and private events, which is normally kept in our closets and rarely used.

Here are some tips for you on how to choose that perfect everyday ladies bag:

An everyday bag must be; comfortable, heavy-duty, stylish, affordable, and perfect when it comes to size.

  1. COMFORT- The bags we carry on our shoulders are the ones we use daily. As a result, ensure sure the handle is padded and does not slide off as you walk. Take note of the material and check if you can withstand the pressure it applies when you have all of your daily necessities on. A good example of a comfort bag for ladies is a hobo bag  
  2. HEAVY-DUTY- You'll be carrying this bag for most of the day. I recommend getting one made of stain-resistant, heavy-duty materials. It's ideal to choose materials that can be easily cleaned of dust and stains. If you live in a tropical country, a water-resistant textile is ideal. I also propose a water-resistant bag that can be rapidly dried with tissue and protects your valuables when it rains.
  3. STYLISH- Everyday bag goes with style too. Not just the tips mentioned above, a stylish bag in your closet goes beautifully with your outfit for sure you have a piece or two of a shoulder bags. Take note of your style and determine which styles are appropriate for you.
  4. AFFORDABLE- Purchasing bags depends on your need and budget, do not go beyond your expense limit when purchasing bags. Would you want high and pricey bags leaving you without any money left? There are many bags to choose from online. You can check more here. 
  5. SIZE- The size of your bag needs to go along with how and what it is intended for use. If you are going to an event- a clutch and handbag would be perfect. A big shoulder bag is used when you need to bring big items or traveling somewhere for a day or two.

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