Sunday, October 24, 2021

Qure.PH- The Largest Virtual Mall for Healthcare Services in the Philippines

Going to the hospital or seeing your clinical physician has taken a toll on us since the pandemic began. The majority of us are afraid to go out for fear of contracting the illness. However, thanks to telemedicine platforms like, we may consult with doctors and specialists from the comfort of our own homes. 

"What is Qure?

Qure is suited to cater to your medical needs and wellness services. It aims to provide services across the healthcare continuum. At present, Qure focuses on appointment setting, online purchases and deliveries from partner pharmacies, and on-demand teleconsultation. Talk about setting appointments right at your fingertips!

These appointments include remote consultation with specialists, laboratories, vet clinics, nursing care, and wellness, including nutrition and fitness centers. For the issuance of drug prescriptions, Qure has an uploading system for traditional or e-prescriptions. The same goes with lab requests, lab results, medical certifications, letters of hospital admission, as well as, letters of recommendation with a brief description of the credentials of the attending physician.

Qure offers the convenience of buying medicines online. Receiving medicines right at your doorstep has been the new normal, and Qure is helping you achieve that. With Cash on Delivery available up to P2,500 worth of medicines and same-day delivery of your purchases, your new buying experience should be seamless, digital, and hassle-free." 

Create an account for FREE (no membership fee) and schedule a consultation with one of their 50 multidisciplinary professionals, ranging from general practitioners to specialists, based on your health needs. Offering veterinary services, as well as wellness centers, emergency room cases, and nursing cares, in the near future

Our furbaby got unwell in the early stages of the pandemic last year, and we didn't have a line of communication with our vet at the time; how we wish telemedicine like was accessible at the time.

With the Qure app, you can say goodbye to various health applications and say hello to a one-stop health shop designed by Filipinos for Filipinos. With the Qure app, you may access online medical consultations, veterinarian appointments, prescription purchases, and other health-related services. Google Play, IOS, and Huawei Marketplace will soon have it accessible for download.

You can also check their Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and other services to offer.  

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