Friday, October 29, 2021

Instagram Launched Reels in the Philippines

On August 5, 2020, Instagram gave birth to Reels- where you can watch, create, share short entertaining videos with the public! 

Reels allows you to make entertaining videos that you can share with your friends or anybody else on Instagram. With audio, effects, and new creative tools, you can record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos. You may share reels with your followers on Feed, and if you have a public account, you can also make them available to the rest of the Instagram community via a new Explore section. 

Reels can be created in a sequence of clips (one at a time), all at once, or by uploading videos from your gallery. 

It was only available to a select global audience; for example, when viewing one's reel movies in Asian nations such as the Philippines, a loading error appears. 

Not until, on 27th of October, Reel for Instagram finally reached the Philippines, gaining access to the public users. 

Using your Instagram app you can access the Reels button in the middle of the rest of the icon buttons, you will be prompted to different settings and features such as; length of the Reel video (15-30-60 second video clip), add filters, music, speed, and collages. 

Isn't it brand new? However, if you are familiar with and use the Tiktok app, you will be aware of these options and uploads. I haven't used the Reel upload since it was established and released, but I am excited to upload my first video to share with everyone!

Also, with the Facebook-Instagram update, you may now upload Instagram content or posts from your computers, such as a laptop or a PC. Although the edit and other fun filters are not available through this file, I find this one to be really useful.

@bitsenpieces LATEST ON #INSTAGRAM!!! UPLOAD FROM YOUR LAPTOP OR DESKTOP! #fy #fyp #tiktok #viral #bitsenpieces ♬ Outside - Ikson

As an influencer, I find it beneficial to use a posting and video uploading tool to receive the greatest exposure for my audience and brands. There are many smartphone applications for video uploads available for everyone to use, but there is a handful that users will find easy to explore and use. 

How can you get the most recent Facebook updates for Instagram?

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Sony Music Philippines Launches New Christian label ‘WATERWALK RECORDS’


Local Christian label launches with 12 new tracks across a variety of genres

Sony Music Philippines today announced the launch of WATERWALK RECORDS, a music label focused on bringing fresh Christian music to a new, streaming generation. The label will feature faith-based entertainment artists from across the length and breadth of the country, who represent the best of Christian music combined with their own unique styles.


“In the Philippines, Christian music emerges from daily life and is a reflection of the country’s rich culture,” said Roslyn Pineda, General Manager, Sony Music Philippines. “Pop music inspired by Christian melodies has arguably created some of the most interesting music in recent years. It’s a diverse genre full of talented artists who use faith as a regular way of connecting with people. WATERWALK RECORDS has huge opportunities to grow as we work with talented artists such as Morissette, Gloryfall and Hazel Faith and others to bring their music to fans all across Asia”.


“The Philippines is a musically rich country, well known for showcasing the best of Christian music in Southeast Asia,” said Ariel Fung, EVP, Sony Music Southeast Asia. “With WATERWALK RECORDS, our vision is to create a hub for Christian music in Asia that serves artists and writers who are creating ground-breaking music and impacting the lives of millions. Our stellar line up of artists we’re working with is just the start of helping us achieve that vision, representing the very best of local and regional talent.”


The artist, Morissette, popularly referred to as "Asia's Phoenix", will release the label’s first single, Waterwalk” on 28 October. “Mapayapa” — a collaboration between Christian worship band Gloryfall and singer/songwriter Hazel Faith- will be released on 30 October.


“I am thrilled to be taking part in Sony Music‘s new Christian label and get to share, and sing, of the word of God and all His great works,“ added Morissette. “ It's only been a couple of years since I've made the decision to really follow Jesus and one thing I can really attest to is that we just need to trust Him in everything. I've been through some very challenging times too especially during this season, but it's His grace that saves me and keeps me going, His love that comforts and protects me, and His promise that I will always keep in my heart. The track "Waterwalk" portrays all of that, and a reminder that what He has done for His people then, He will also do for His people now, we need only to anchor on to Him.”


Rapper/actor Jericho Arceo and Stell of SB19, will also release a joint singleArceo is well known for creating viral videos on social media and being a member of the cast for the show The World Between Us, while Stell who is a part of SB19, one of the most popular P-pop groups in the Philippines, is embarking on his first solo venture through this collaboration.


In another first, Nathan Huang from the band ‘of Mercury’ (formerly known as Nathan & Mercury) will also have his first solo venture through the label and will collaborate with Darla Baltazar, who was recently featured as one of the 16 Artists to Watch on the international website The Gospel Coalition.


Janine Danielle, a worship leader from Favor Church, will be singing a track penned and produced by one of Spotify’s most followed Filipino artists Moira Dela Torre, and Moira’s frequent collaborator and husband, Jason Hernandez. The lineup also includes singles from beloved worship leaders from various churches in the Philippines: Lee Simon Brown (from Victory Worship), Cola Cabalcar, Kent Charcos, Cherise Katriel, and Sam&Steff.


To showcase the richness of the region, WATERWALK RECORDS will also release a single from Ariel Tsai, a popular Taiwanese singer/songwriter, pianist, and YouTuber signed under Sony Music Taiwan.


The 12 tracks from WATERWALK RECORDS are expected to be released within this year.


For more updates on the new tracks, artists, and upcoming events, please follow:

Waterwalk Records: Facebook | Instagram


Sunday, October 24, 2021

Qure.PH- The Largest Virtual Mall for Healthcare Services in the Philippines

Going to the hospital or seeing your clinical physician has taken a toll on us since the pandemic began. The majority of us are afraid to go out for fear of contracting the illness. However, thanks to telemedicine platforms like, we may consult with doctors and specialists from the comfort of our own homes. 

"What is Qure?

Qure is suited to cater to your medical needs and wellness services. It aims to provide services across the healthcare continuum. At present, Qure focuses on appointment setting, online purchases and deliveries from partner pharmacies, and on-demand teleconsultation. Talk about setting appointments right at your fingertips!

These appointments include remote consultation with specialists, laboratories, vet clinics, nursing care, and wellness, including nutrition and fitness centers. For the issuance of drug prescriptions, Qure has an uploading system for traditional or e-prescriptions. The same goes with lab requests, lab results, medical certifications, letters of hospital admission, as well as, letters of recommendation with a brief description of the credentials of the attending physician.

Qure offers the convenience of buying medicines online. Receiving medicines right at your doorstep has been the new normal, and Qure is helping you achieve that. With Cash on Delivery available up to P2,500 worth of medicines and same-day delivery of your purchases, your new buying experience should be seamless, digital, and hassle-free." 

Create an account for FREE (no membership fee) and schedule a consultation with one of their 50 multidisciplinary professionals, ranging from general practitioners to specialists, based on your health needs. Offering veterinary services, as well as wellness centers, emergency room cases, and nursing cares, in the near future

Our furbaby got unwell in the early stages of the pandemic last year, and we didn't have a line of communication with our vet at the time; how we wish telemedicine like was accessible at the time.

With the Qure app, you can say goodbye to various health applications and say hello to a one-stop health shop designed by Filipinos for Filipinos. With the Qure app, you may access online medical consultations, veterinarian appointments, prescription purchases, and other health-related services. Google Play, IOS, and Huawei Marketplace will soon have it accessible for download.

You can also check their Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and other services to offer.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Women's Fashion Tips: Choosing the Right Everyday Bag

Do you agree with me that an everyday bag is the one item that every woman needs? 
An everyday bag, also known as a go-to bag, is something we can grab in a hurry to run an errand or go somewhere we need to bring our basic items. Every day isn't always the bag we use for special occasions or activities. We ladies have a specific bag that we carry for formal and private events, which is normally kept in our closets and rarely used.

Here are some tips for you on how to choose that perfect everyday ladies bag:

An everyday bag must be; comfortable, heavy-duty, stylish, affordable, and perfect when it comes to size.

  1. COMFORT- The bags we carry on our shoulders are the ones we use daily. As a result, ensure sure the handle is padded and does not slide off as you walk. Take note of the material and check if you can withstand the pressure it applies when you have all of your daily necessities on. A good example of a comfort bag for ladies is a hobo bag  
  2. HEAVY-DUTY- You'll be carrying this bag for most of the day. I recommend getting one made of stain-resistant, heavy-duty materials. It's ideal to choose materials that can be easily cleaned of dust and stains. If you live in a tropical country, a water-resistant textile is ideal. I also propose a water-resistant bag that can be rapidly dried with tissue and protects your valuables when it rains.
  3. STYLISH- Everyday bag goes with style too. Not just the tips mentioned above, a stylish bag in your closet goes beautifully with your outfit for sure you have a piece or two of a shoulder bags. Take note of your style and determine which styles are appropriate for you.
  4. AFFORDABLE- Purchasing bags depends on your need and budget, do not go beyond your expense limit when purchasing bags. Would you want high and pricey bags leaving you without any money left? There are many bags to choose from online. You can check more here. 
  5. SIZE- The size of your bag needs to go along with how and what it is intended for use. If you are going to an event- a clutch and handbag would be perfect. A big shoulder bag is used when you need to bring big items or traveling somewhere for a day or two.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Wil To Play 10.10 early Christmas Treat and more Perya Perya and Kuya Wil match prizes for 10 Daily Winners

True to the promise of delivering bigger, better prizes, Wil To Play, the mobile game arcade of television host and funnyman Willie “Kuya Wil” Revillame, announces “Wil To Play 10.10 Special 10-Day Doble Panalo Raffle.”

For 10 days, starting October 10, 10 daily winners of PHP10,000 each (PHP5,000 gift certificate from Wil To Play + PHP5,000 gift certificate from Kuya Wil, both convertible to cash) will be drawn on top of the usual generous prize packages being given away which includes sacks of rice, groceries and other essentials (Kailangan Package), smartphones (Kasiyahan/Kaalaman Package), brand new motorcycles (Kuya Wil’s Special Prize), food cart + Wil To Play Negosyo Reseller/Outlet puhunan(Grand Kabuhayan Package) and tricycle + Wil To Play Negosyo Reseller/Outlet puhunan (Ultra Grand Kabuhayan Package).


In addition, from October 10 moving forward, Wil To Play gives winners the power to choose by offering the option to convert all prize packages to cash to facilitate easier distribution, especially to provincial winners.

Wil to Play brings the fun and excitement of a television game show to your mobile phones. The games may be virtual, but the prizes at stake are definitely real.

Wil to Play is from Perya Perya (from the Filipino term amusement park), the mobile game arcade platform of technology company Big Crunch Digital Pte. Limited (Big Crunch Digital).

Wil To Play is available to download at the Google Play Store. For more information on Wil To Play, please visit or

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Shift in Mindset: Working Filipinos Today Less Anxious Compared to Start of Pandemic

A year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic and months into the rollout of the vaccines to counter the diseases, more working Filipinos have become less anxious of going out to attend to their necessities. 


Respondents of the 2021 PhilCare Wellness Index: The Philippine Roadmap to the Next Normal say they are more comfortable to go to the hospital now compared to the start of the pandemic, with a mean score of 3.05 (“neither”) from a score of 3.93 (“disagree”) in the 2020 PhilCare CQ Wellness Index


For this year’s study, a total of 1,500 respondents nationwide were asked to rate themselves from a five-point scale. With regard to degrees of agreement, scores ranging from 1-1.80 represented “strongly agree,” 1.81-2.60 as “agree,” 2.61-3.40 as “neither,” 3.41-4.20 as “disagree,” and 4.21-5 as “strongly disagree.” Meanwhile, a total of 505 working Filipinos were interviewed for the 2020 PhilCare CQ Wellness Index.


Interestingly, workers have also become more comfortable in going to the supermarket, with the score jumping from 2.85 (“neither”) to 2.46 (“agree”). 

While working Filipinos still “strongly agree” about washing hands properly, with a score of 1.43, this significantly lower than the 1.15 score for the same behavior last year. The same goes for disinfecting items bought outside before bringing them into the house, which also declined from 1.49 to 1.67. 


“With the study, we get a better picture of how Filipino workers have adjusted after more than a year into the pandemic and how going through the new normal affects their health and wellness,” said Dr. Fernando Paragas, lead researcher of the 2021 PhilCare Wellness Index and a professor at the College of Mass Communication at the University of the Philippines-Diliman.


The Philippine Roadmap To The Next Normal is the fourth PhilCare Wellness Index national survey since it was first done in 2014. This year’s study was conducted via a nationwide telephone survey from September 4-20, 2021.


“We found it very important to conduct this very relevant study at a time when people are raring to return to their workplaces while conducting them in a safe manner since the virus. At the end of the day, we want to help the economy and our fellow Filipinos move past our current situation into a healthier and safer next normal,” said Dr. Enrique Ona, Chairman of the 2021 PhilCare Wellness Index and former Health Secretary.


PhilCare President and CEO Jaeger L. Tanco said the study was undertaken to determine the state of health and wellness of employed Filipino workers who are at the center of concerted efforts to reopen the economy and reinvigorate business and industry. 

“People obviously play a very key role in the effort of businesses - and the country in general - to recover from the effects of the pandemic. This study was developed and implemented with the goal of finding out how prepared employees are as they navigate the transition between the COVID-19 new normal and the prospective next normal,” he said. 

“Understanding the employees gives a very clear guide on how we can all get back on our feet,” he added.  

The respondents were randomly selected from Metro Manila and over 60 provinces across the country, who are currently employed mostly in the services sector (81.9%), followed by those in the industrial (16%) and agricultural sectors (2.1%).


Demographic representation


Services and sales workers comprised the biggest group of respondents (45.9%), followed by technicians and associate professionals (15.8%), and professionals (14.7%).

Almost two-thirds of respondents (64.5%) worked for the private sector, while another 10.4% worked for the government. The rest worked as either employer in their own family-operated farm or business (7.9%), were self-employed without any paid employee (7.5%), worked for a private household (6.6%), worked with pay in their own family-operated farm or business (2.1%), or worked with pay in the same business set-up (1%).

COVID-19 and vaccination

Surprisingly, only 7.6% of respondents said they do not want to be vaccinated. 

In addition, half (49.1%) have not been vaccinated, with 34.7% expressing willingness to get a shot and 14.4% having a vaccination schedule already at the time the survey was done.

A quarter of respondents (26.2%) have been fully-vaccinated, while one in five (17.1%) have gotten their first of two shots.

Four out of five respondents (82%) are confident with the COVID-19 vaccinations, having a composite score of 1.93 (“agree”). They trust the vaccines’ efficacy (1.83) and safety (1.85). Filipino workers also trust the health services that administer the vaccines (1.92), that the vaccines can end the pandemic (1.92), and the policymakers that decide on the vaccination program’s rollout (2.13).

Many Filipino workers also “strongly agree” about their right to get vaccinated (1.66), that COVID-19 is a serious risk to their health (1.69), seeking information on the vaccines (1.75), and that getting vaccinated is a way to protect others against the disease (1.77).

Almost half (46.6%) of respondents said they personally knew someone who had COVID-19. In addition, over a third (36.6%) said they personally knew of someone who died from the disease.

Healthcare as among most valued in workplace


Compared to pre-pandemic days, Filipino workers now see healthcare as among the top three things they value in their workplace, alongside good salary and financial stability of the company. 


Having a healthcare program in the office ranks third with a score of 1.46, with salary as first (1.43) and financial stability of the employer (1.45). Healthcare even ranks higher than the usual worker values, such as appreciation among peers, 
good relationships with colleagues, work-home balance, having a good boss, career growth, and skills training.


With regard to change in importance, scores ranging from 1-1.80 represented “much more important,” 1.81-2.60 as “more important,” 2.61-3.40 as “the same,” 3.41-4.20 as “less important,” and 4.21-5 as “much less important.”


In terms of percentages, around six out of ten respondents (56.9%) say that having a healthcare program in the office is “much more important” now than before the pandemic. This ranks fourth compared to those who said the same for salary (62%), financial stability of their employer (58.1%), and appreciation for their work (57.4%).


“The pandemic brought us to our senses in many ways, but in the end, it’s all about going back to basics -- taking care of the human person’s basic needs, including health. This is why I believe that employers should view spending for healthcare as an investment rather than an expense. After all, having good health is a basic right,” said Dr. Ona. 


“As for workers, they should understand that achieving good health in the workplace is a partnership with their respective employers. It is, in fact, a personal responsibility, which means they still must practice proper nutrition, exercise, and avoid vices as much as possible,” he added.


Health and wellness

Overall, even with the threat of COVID-19,  respondents said they perceive their overall state of health and wellness during the pandemic was “very good” with a score of 1.57 (score of one, being the highest), which was surprising because in 2019, prior to the pandemic, respondents rated their wellness as “good” with a score of 1.82. 

Among the factors of wellness that saw biggest jumps in score are sense of satisfaction (“All things considered, I am satisfied with my life”) which rose from a score of 3.56 in 2019 to 1.76; self-rated health (“Overall I am in good health”) from 3.07 to 1.55, and sense of respect (“People respect me”) from 2.76 to 1.52. 

Work set-up

Half (49.9%) of all respondents said they worked entirely in their respective work sites, while two-fifths (36.2%) work both at home and on-site. The rest (13.9%) work entirely at home.

But given a choice of their preferred work arrangements, roughly half (48.7%) are willing to take on the hybrid work set-up in the next six months. Around a third (35%) would continue going to their respective places of work, while the rest (16.3%) would work entirely in their homes.

Respondents agreed that their workplace was adapting well to the pandemic, especially in the following terms: having a clear strategy to respond to the economic impact of the pandemic (87.2%); having a good system in place to ensure their safety as employees during the pandemic (86.7%); and having a program for promoting their health and wellness as employees (85.3%).


However, despite the high marks given for the pandemic preparedness in the workplace, respondents “strongly agree” they are stressed at the thought of being exposed to COVID-19 (1.73) and taking care of personal and family needs while working (1.78).

Takeaway for businesses

"For this year’s study, we wanted to bring attention to our workers and their health and well-being. Our employees are the lifeblood of our companies, which power the economy. Simply said, taking care of our workforce is also taking care of our economy,” said PhilCare Chairman Monico V. Jacob.


“In our desire to become a more responsible HMO amid this continuing health crisis, we intend to launch new programs and services that would enable employers to address the needs of their employees to keep their enterprises going. In fact, we have already launched services catering to mental health concerns since many of these came out during the pandemic,” Tanco said.




PhilhealthCare, Inc. (PhilCare) is among the top two most preferred HMOs in the country today. It distinguishes itself from other health maintenance organizations (HMO) in the Philippines by advocating wellness as a more holistic approach to health.


This is achieved through PhilCare’s sustainable health plans, PhilCare 360, and its technology-enabled customer experience. PhilCare offers a wide range of health care plans to serve the different requirements of individuals, group, and enterprise accounts.


PhilCare pioneered the country’s first Wellness Index in 2014.  Based on the findings of that study, PhilCare introduced the very first prepaid health plans in the country.  From prepaid to comprehensive coverage, PhilCare’s extensive line of products covers hospitalization, out-patient, and emergency healthcare needs across a nationwide network of hospitals, clinics, and physicians.


PhilCare 360, on the other hand, provides members with updates about health information, preventive measures against diseases and illnesses, and lifestyle trends that promote health and wellness. Meanwhile, PhilCare’s tech-enabled customer service efforts involve their accessible website and e-commerce, their call center that’s available 24/7, and its HeyPhil App where members can ask queries and requests for a Letter of Authorization (LOA).


PhilCare’s commitment to promoting wellness among Filipinos makes it an essential pillar of Maestro Holdings, a grand concord of four of the biggest and respected financial companies in the Philippines. Under the Maestro’s baton, PhilCare joins four of the most recognizable names in their respective industries: PhilsFirst, the first domestic non-life insurance company in the country; PhilLife, one of the most trusted insurance providers in the Philippines; PhilPlans, one of the leading financial solutions companies providing pension, education, and memorial programs.