Saturday, January 16, 2021

Emily Halper and Artist Discover: Connecting the Artist Community

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Emily Halper and Artist Discover

A social network specifically made by artists for artists. 

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, surrounded by the arts, Emily Halper had a dream of bringing the artistic community together. Her passion for the arts coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, led Halper to create a platform to connect and support the artistic community through Artist Discover.

Established in 2021, Artist Discover is a globally connected, online creative space for all artists, visual and performing to connect, collaborate, and create. With a diverse community of like-minded creative, members include painters, illustrators, singers, actors and more. 

Artist Discover offers many useful features:

·       Opportunities

-Enter Artist Discover’s Contests, or Create an Ad of your own.

·       Marketplace

-Artists can buy and sell work here. Create your own online store.

·       Event Calendar

-Schedule events for community members to join. Join Artist Discover’s events.

·       Groups

-Join a group dedicated to your artist discipline.

·       Community

-Here you can view all members posts. Photos can be posted in high resolution.

·       User Profile

-Customize your profile to introduce yourself to the community

Artist Discover always keeps themselves one step ahead by listening directly to the desires of their members. Through regular zoom meetings for new members to have the opportunity to introduce themselves and learn about all the websites features. The company’s methods have proven successful following their launch. After the announcement of Artist Discover’s creation, the initial reactions from members were thankful for a place where they could express themselves with other like-minded individuals. They focus on content, not algorithms, and always have genuine engagement. One member called it “a breath of fresh air” comparing it to other social media networks such as Instagram or Facebook. 

Emily Halper, the founder of Artist Discover, has gone above and beyond to support artists. When asked about how she has attained her vision, Halper said, “Artists need to support each other and work together, to grow and inspire.” Through vigorous artistic schooling and self-teaching in website design, she was well-equipped to acknowledge her visions and bring them to fruition. Along with obtaining her BFA in Art Education and MS in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology, Emily is continually creating art and inspiring the youth. 

Emily Halper and the Artist Discover Team are hard at work to push their vision forward and expand the community every day. They are aiming to turn Artist Discover into the social hub of the art industry “We invite you to join us and our artist to connect, collaborate, and create together.”

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