Monday, August 19, 2019

How to consolidate debt with Keel Associates

Improving your financial status with the assistance of a credit consulting firm Keel Associates.

Debt is a sum of money being borrowed by a single or group of a person from another party (person or a company). The common form of debt is a loan. A loan can be categorized to a different type which a borrower can avail. If a borrower signed into a form of a loan, he or she needs to repay that loan amount into a scheme of payment which the borrower will agree in terms of the binding contract. That said contract is legal and can be subject to any legal action that can arise in the future.

Debt is a practice not just today but from the olden times, in the history, debt can be repaid using goods and commodities, there were also stories about debt being paid through a form of services.
  • Debt is money borrowed by one party from another.
  • Many corporations and individuals use debt as a method of making large purchases that they could not afford under normal circumstances.
  • In a debt-based financial arrangement, the borrowing party gets permission to borrow money under the condition that it must be paid back at a later date, usually with interest.
During my younger years, I was very impulsive with my purchases, the needs and wants were always combined making my expenses miserable. I wasn't able to balance the two and debt plus loans skyrocketed.  I had money debt from a friend and several salary loans from the government agencies. I was also lured to spend using my credit card, from which I purchased some signature bags and some gadgets which eventually I have learned that the value of these kinds of stuff I am hooked depreciates.  I suffered tremendously trying to budget the money that I have and more of the money that I do not have. When I started having a kid, that's the time I've learned to prioritize and took a big step-back with my spending. That is also when I started to pay off loans on time, making occurred interest lower and penalties were waived. After several years or so, I have decreased my debt down to 75% making life easier, less stress.

So, does credit, loan and debt are the same?

Credit, loan and debt can be interchangeable in whatever sense you can see it.

Credit is a broad term that has many different meanings in the financial world. It is generally defined as a contractual agreement in which a borrower receives something of value now and agrees to repay the lender at a later date—generally with interest.
In some places, credits are being encouraged because this is how a person can be assessed with his credit value. Not unless you have that cash on hand to purchase goods, commodities, mortgage or even assets you have to rely on credit and loan.

But, if you can manage a credit-free-living for sure you can manage on currently on hand.

Decluttering your life with less credit is the key on how to successfully live within your means.


  1. My mom told me always spend below what you earn and asked yourself do you need this thing before you made any purchase. Never over spend as it can be devastating to our life.

  2. Excellent advice! It's important to live within our means so that we don't get into too much debt.

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  5. This some useful important information. Always good to be wise with your money and have backup plans in case seomthing happens.

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  10. Debt is never a good thing and needs to be estinguished asap before doing anything else.