Monday, June 17, 2019

Appreciation post for National Telecommunications Commission’s Efficient Public Service

When it comes to government services we are all skeptical about the outcome of a certain service we are going to avail. This is brought about the awareness of the public based on social media postings, broadcasts news, and print media. People are aware of how and what kind of government services are being given to the public. 

Due to the increasing influence and audience reach of social media, people rely on it as their primary source of news and other kinds of information. In the same way, the government turns to social media to check the reactions and sentiments of the public on national issues. Indeed, social media postings have become powerful- it can create a positive change in various sectors of our society.

In the recent social media posting of DICT Acting Secretary Eliseo Rio, Jr. he congratulates the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) headed by Commissioner Gamaliel A. Cordoba, for an efficient service to the public. 

"A big CONGRATULATIONS to NTC, ably headed by Commissioner Gamaliel A. Cordova, for rendering fast and efficient service to the public. Keep up the good work and more power!!"

Sam Florentino took a Radio Operations Examination at NTC and he was amazed and surprised how efficient and fast the service he got from the said agency.  

A positive report was given to the Civil Service Commission ( CSC) through the Contact Center ng Bayan Facebook page. 

This kind of feedback can uplift the spirit of the public along with the government personnel to do more and give more to the public the service they deserve.

There is always hope and improvements in all aspects of service, we just need to be positive at all times.


  1. When I have a negative impressions about government institutions, this piece is uplifting and inspiring. I hope that NTC will continue to be a positive example to other institutions to give excellent customer service

    1. We all hope that all of the government agencies can improve more when it comes to customer service. One's attitude towards work will really play a big part to this.