Tuesday, June 18, 2019

A Childhood Fantasy Just Turned Into a Reality – living in their new home in BellaVita

Starting my own family is one of my goals in life that makes me excited even when I was still a child. An image of a loving husband and a child that we will both adore and dote upon will fulfill my childish fantasy and now a starting reality. After being married for six months now, the next significant detail about these life goals I had is a perfect new home where I can create new memories and have an exciting life.

Finding a new house and lot for sale is a difficult process. Within our tight budget, finding an affordable house and lot is not an easy task. We took brochures given away at malls, looked up the internet, and had asked our friends and colleagues about finding affordable homes. After we saw an advertisement through a cinema about BellaVita Land Corp is an unexpected but a welcomed suggestion. We searched through their website at bellavita.ph and facebook page about its details and other information and finally, we are convinced.

And now, after living in our new home, I knew we made the right decision. A beautiful home that fits our lifestyle, a stylish modern design, and a personal residence that I can personally decorate to meet my chosen design for a cozy and comfortable home for a starting family like us.

Learn more by visiting their facebook page.

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