Thursday, June 27, 2019

How to Get the Best Lead Handling Service

What is your experience when you are trying to call a customer service representative over a toll number? Or, get on the phone to your bank or an airline for a rebate, cancellation and other concern regarding your funds and purchases? 

Scheduling appointments can be debilitating, time-consuming and it can also wear down your patience, whether for your personal needs and most especially for business, do you agree on this?

In a typical scenario of personal scheduling for your business and you are almost a one-man show, you need people and an extra hand to do things for you. This makes life easy and can profit you more with business because time being spent is not wasted on the phone waiting for someone in the other line to talk to you and give you the assistance you need. In short, preventing you to be part of the downfall-spiral of events. 

Technology can bring about a fast and reliable solution, with the means of our smartphones, laptop and other communication devices we can penetrate through certain services we need, this is very evident now and the growth and scope of services online are just as wide as the sky, limitless and endless. This is why as an individual and a corporation needs to go with the increase in demand for produce and service in just a flick of the fingers. This is where a home service lead handling can come in. 

There was this one occasion where everything stopped because of the system shutdown of the local internet service provider here in my location. And, telephone lines were the only working line of communication we reached and contacted the ISP toll-free line, and that call experience was so bad. That single phone call took us more than two hours to get through, we were placed on hold as the customer representative on the other end was attending to other calls. The lack of manpower and the volume of the calls played the major problem brought about the so-called damage on the system. The affected stream of online business, blogging, video uploads, and social media updates was stopped. Personally, I was affected, I wasn't able to finish all my deadlines which lasted for several days. Even going to the internet shop was not an option. 

In a fast-paced world, we are having right now we should be able to secure an efficient service we can get, with reliable information, the speed of results, and the accuracy of reports being delivered to the personal and business side of it. With the help of companies that can generate such work, we are very pleased and grateful. 

"It starts with pulling all of your leads from all different sources into our system including inbound phone calls and continues with white glove service in connecting you with your market every day. The results are satisfied customers, and service professionals being able to focus more of their time at what they do well–estimate and close jobs!" - Pronexis

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

What is the House First Line of Defence

When Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991 I away from home to pursue my Bachelor's degree, where I left my parent's home where I and my siblings grew up perfectly fine. The memories of our home that was in my mind became a disaster when the volcano erupted and damaged most of the house. The devastation went goes as far as the neighboring cities, and as far as counties and state worldwide as being reported. Even where I was that time the ash that fell from the eruption was very evident. 

"Pinatubo is most notorious for its Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) 6 eruption on June 15, 1991, the second-largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century after the 1912 eruption of Novarupta in Alaska. Complicating the eruption was the arrival of Typhoon Yunya, bringing a lethal mix of ash and rain to towns and cities surrounding the volcano. Predictions at the onset of the climactic eruption led to the evacuation of tens of thousands of people from the surrounding areas, saving many lives. Surrounding areas were severely damaged by pyroclastic surges, ash falls, and subsequently, by the flooding lahars caused by rainwater re-mobilizing earlier volcanic deposits. This caused extensive destruction to infrastructure and changed river systems for years after the eruption"

And, because of this, I wasn't able to go home for months, roads were closed, no commodities are coming in, banks were closed, the scarcity of water supply was present. These are all the stories that were told by my family and friends when the situation was a little settled. 

It was my first time away from home, from family and friends because of school, and the sight when I came back after five longing months was unexplainable; sadness and hopeless were mixed at the same time. But, I am glad that no one from the family got hurt and they were all there when I came back. 

It was our house who suffered a lot, it is the ancestral house of my grandparents', basically, the house was made of mixed wood and concrete. Mostly wood panels as what the earlier construction of the houses back then was made. The damaged was very evident in the roofing as the weight of the ashes (lahar) and debris were caught in the roofing, and according to them during the eruption they cannot shovel the debris on the roof to lessen the weight because it was very dark outside, electricity was shut off, and day turned into night. The roofing of the house or the building is the primary defense of the structure, it needs to withstand the heat, water, and pressure of the outside surrounding and prevent and protect what is inside of the building. If this is damaged all the belongings and also life can be put at risk. 

They waited several days for the situation to calm at least making them move outside. Even the government under the department of public works and highways cannot attend all the needs of the people in the city, rescue operations were made alongside the clearing operations. Evidence of lahar continued as major floodings were felt massively!

Even buildings and other establishments were damaged from this catastrophe and it took years to recover. Although the damage was massive it was all temporary, houses were built, establishments were reconstructed and home raised again. 

The Pinatubo eruption was a history of the past but the memories of the ones who felt and experienced it was a memory to tell. 

Sunday, June 23, 2019

How to Choose a Pest Control Company

I freak out with flying insects specially with cockroach and also more with rats! It is my dreaded time and experience to encounter a flying cockroach approaching you and even flies to you. A couple of nights ago I dreamt of a cockroach chasing me to the dark tunnel and I was screaming, shouting and running as fast I could, it seems very real but eventually waking up to it. I told my dream to my daughter and she was laughing at me! 

My fear with cockroaches or Katsaridaphobia (phobia of cockroaches) developed late adulthood when I encountered flying cockroaches in the building where I used to work. It was an old building, I remember when I was in high school about thirty-five years ago that building was in used already. I had memories of it as a structure with different stalls selling dry goods and some food stalls too. Then it became a video arcade building and still the come and go of variety of food stalls was still there. Then came the building was rented as a College school, which I used to work. The building was located beside a water stream under the bridge, near a public park. And, with this different kinds of pest and roddents were very evident in the place, most especially when it's rainy and flood season. This causes that said building to be infested with a lot of kinds of pests such as cockroaches, rats, and also termites. 

The building structure is a mixed of wood and concrete and because of this wood panels and walls became infrested with termites, eating different areas of the wooden parts of the building. 

Last time I discovered when I was still there, a wooden door showed blisters, hollowed, and damaged wood panel up to the middle part of the door that is being eaten within the fixture. It also shows some termite droppings at are being formed outside the wood frame.

Termites can brought about loss in the quality and property value when the time comes it needed to put up for sale. 

There are a lot of pest control that specialized in dealing with variety of pest like the coackroach, termites and even roddents. They can be find locally within your area and they can go extensively in a broad location. 

In the lighter side of it, having or putting up a business in relation to pest control can be benefical too, catering to pest services can be rewarding and fulfilling at the same time. Business owners for pest control can rely to this pest control software that is available in the market. This I think will allow you as business owners to monitor and decide in an instant on what is the new technique need to be applied and tested. It can be game changer! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Ways to Make Money from Home

Working on an 8-5 shift, 5-6 days a week can eat up all your time. It can take your time away from home; family and to your self. Nowadays, husbands and wives join forces to make a living by both of them going out from the home to work, whether an office job or anything from field. During the olden times, women of the house are customary to take care of the home and the children. Making sure that all things at home are properly organized, prepared and children are sent to school, while the husband goes to work and provide for the family financially. 

The stereotype of how women are perceived this way is slowly broken down into pieces and women can do and provide as equal as the men can do. With this evolution of the workforce, parents can now provide more with the family, well all this can be feasible when opportunities are available, along with proper skills.  All they have to do is to how to manage their time working and raising the family at the same time. 

In my personal experience working in a medical field with shifting, the schedule was difficult at first, I was asleep the whole day while the kids are away from school and vice-versa, until I decided to transfer from an 8-5 job with the same medical profession. In this way, I can be with the kids at night, but the monetary side of this was a struggle until I figured out how to maximize my time at home when I get off from work. 

I have my laptop with me and an internet connection at home, I started going online and do research and learn that there are a lot of ways to make money from home. I was eager to learn and was very positive that by doing this I can penetrate the world of making money from home. 

It was never easy and fast, it took me a lot of months and even years on how to go along and eventually with a lot of patience, perseverance and hard work I was compensated with my first ever online job as a blogger

And, right now after several years, I am earning money by writing on my blog, when I was able to save funds I was able to buy my own domain name for my blog and the story of my blog evolves until now and for more than seven years now and still running. My blog runs an advertisement, collaboration with companies, and revenue from Adsense. In blogging, there is also that peak and slow-peak times, that's why I never stopped looking and applied for micro jobs online. 

I am also into photography, way even before I started blogging it was my hobby to take pictures using my DSLR camera. There I was able to venture out in photography as a hobby and as an extra income too. Showcasing your ability and passion in photography can be profitable too. There are a lot of guides and tutorials online on how to start a photography business

Learning and earning at the same time can improve your way of living, it can profit and make your everyday living a little easy, also when you are passionate about it the desire to learn more is a breeze. Make use of your spare time, grab every opportunity you can encounter. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

A Childhood Fantasy Just Turned Into a Reality – living in their new home in BellaVita

Starting my own family is one of my goals in life that makes me excited even when I was still a child. An image of a loving husband and a child that we will both adore and dote upon will fulfill my childish fantasy and now a starting reality. After being married for six months now, the next significant detail about these life goals I had is a perfect new home where I can create new memories and have an exciting life.

Finding a new house and lot for sale is a difficult process. Within our tight budget, finding an affordable house and lot is not an easy task. We took brochures given away at malls, looked up the internet, and had asked our friends and colleagues about finding affordable homes. After we saw an advertisement through a cinema about BellaVita Land Corp is an unexpected but a welcomed suggestion. We searched through their website at and facebook page about its details and other information and finally, we are convinced.

And now, after living in our new home, I knew we made the right decision. A beautiful home that fits our lifestyle, a stylish modern design, and a personal residence that I can personally decorate to meet my chosen design for a cozy and comfortable home for a starting family like us.

Learn more by visiting their facebook page.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Appreciation post for National Telecommunications Commission’s Efficient Public Service

When it comes to government services we are all skeptical about the outcome of a certain service we are going to avail. This is brought about the awareness of the public based on social media postings, broadcasts news, and print media. People are aware of how and what kind of government services are being given to the public. 

Due to the increasing influence and audience reach of social media, people rely on it as their primary source of news and other kinds of information. In the same way, the government turns to social media to check the reactions and sentiments of the public on national issues. Indeed, social media postings have become powerful- it can create a positive change in various sectors of our society.

In the recent social media posting of DICT Acting Secretary Eliseo Rio, Jr. he congratulates the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) headed by Commissioner Gamaliel A. Cordoba, for an efficient service to the public. 

"A big CONGRATULATIONS to NTC, ably headed by Commissioner Gamaliel A. Cordova, for rendering fast and efficient service to the public. Keep up the good work and more power!!"

Sam Florentino took a Radio Operations Examination at NTC and he was amazed and surprised how efficient and fast the service he got from the said agency.  

A positive report was given to the Civil Service Commission ( CSC) through the Contact Center ng Bayan Facebook page. 

This kind of feedback can uplift the spirit of the public along with the government personnel to do more and give more to the public the service they deserve.

There is always hope and improvements in all aspects of service, we just need to be positive at all times.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Taking the Right Steps in Applying for Self Employed Loans

Several years ago I attended a symposium about how to financially handle loans. They covered mostly the general aspect of acquiring loan; from company loans to housing loan. There they discussed the pros and cons of taking a loan while you are employed and also tackling self-employed loans. I must admit when I was new in the company I was working, my co-workers then where convincing other co-employees to file monetary loan from our social security provider, since I am new I didn't have the knowledge of the how's and what's of it, even they introduced it to me. My only knowledge about it is the possible high-interest a certain loan an incur. Years passed by the same topic about personal monetary loan has discussed, and I gave in, I was able to file a one-month salary loan under our social security provider, through our company's loan program. 

Honestly, the hesitations at first did set-in, that was literally the first loan I made since I started working. You may ask what made me do it? I need extra money for my parent's house. They needed extra funds for painting and some fixtures and that's where my loan sets-in, it did serve the purpose.

In the loan contract, I signed in with, a computed amount for payment will be deducted every payroll, the 15th and the 30th of the month, for two years. A percentage was computed for the interest and was added to the primary loan amount. Deductions were made in the payroll by my employee for the whole two years (24months). And after two years, I was able to finish the contract loan. Although, hesitations and some worries when applying for personal loans your overall finances should always be put into consideration. 

Loan programs vary from company's loan program scheme, you need to be equipped with the knowledge on what to apply and the need for this specific aid be used. In the scenario of a person borrowing money to friends and family is the customary way, whether this money will be used for emergency or personal use or sometimes for business use. Sometimes, due to the close relationship between the borrower and the lender verbal agreement suffice in such, but in a legal and more formal way, a written agreement is suggestive. This is to prevent future disagreement between family and friends which can and the possibility of this can happen. One good example is if the borrower couldn't make the promise of returning back the borrowed money on the promised date. You wouldn't want your name to be listed with bad credit

Credit score will determine how are you-you borrow money from an institution, this will define your debt standing, interest rating, and whether you will be eligible in the next time you apply for a loan.

Overall, when asking to borrow money make sure your capabilities to pay the amount. Do not put yourself in the debt and see to it that the money you are asking will be put in good use. 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

What You Need To Know About Personal Injury

A situation that we don't want to be a part of or we get involved with is to get involved in any form of accident or injury. 

When a person suffers harm from an accident or an injury and involves two or more parties in which they might be legally responsible for it, a legal dispute can be brought upon it, this can be called a personal injury case. 

Let define the term "Personal injury", "a legal term that brought about an injury to the body, mind, and emotion." This excludes the property damages that resulted in the cause of the accident. The very common types of personal injury that can lead and eventually makes you want to file a lawsuit are as follows: road accidents, accidents due to product defects, work-related accidents and tripping accidents

In cases such as work-related accidents, as an employee, you should be equipped with the facilities and hazardous related side of your work area, in event of any accidents you and your team would know what to do. If there are any seminars being conducted in your work station, attend and learn and basics of it. This is how the employee can prevent and secure themselves from the possible and mishap that can happen at work. 

Filing a case to the company or a third-party involved in relation to personal injury, the complainant can file their case personally and proceed to the required process of monetary claims, do all the leg-work needed. Although, in general things can be facilitated by legal experts for a speed-up and technically applied process of claiming. Expect a more tedious and can cause an added burden to the complainant.
The number one rule in processing your personal injury claim is to educate yourself. If you have that enough time to do so, you can proceed with the steps needed such as; 

  • building your case
  • future damages 
  • a lot of patience
  • prepare your medical history
  • making a plan
  • preparation with all the documents
  • monetary settlement
  • court settlement

To spare you the complainant in regards to legal equity between party involved, one can consult a personal injury attorneyThere are a lot of legal companies that can cater to a specific kind of personal injury cases. 

In the recent news regarding a local veteran actor in the Philippines who was shooting a film and suddenly collapsed in the set. The initial report was a heart attack due to possible heat stroke. This was the first report made, a few hours later video clips surfaced the social media sites showing that the veteran actor wire-tripped while doing the scene. 

The actor is the one in the screen captured photo, his left foot was in the wire on the floor leading to the actor to fall on the concrete. The videos showed the people in the set rushed towards him and gave him assistance, lifting him to rush him to the hospital. He was transferred to another hospital and there made an official medical statement that the actor did not endure heart attack or brain aneurysm, it was a cervical fracture due to the trip and fall. He is now on critical care and in deep sleep. 

We don't ever wish to have any form of an accident as it can hamper your health and well-being. 

Do you have any other ideas on how to go about with personal injury claims?