Thursday, August 9, 2018

How to decide on getting a new outfit?

Women are known to enjoy shopping for anything and everything they need and sometimes they go beyond what is necessary by excessively buying things. Shopping for clothes is one of the major items women and men buy in physical stores and more extensively now that online shopping is the trend when you say shopping for items- the more convenient way.

A few weeks from now we are scheduled for our yearly acquaintance party here at work, it is a party to introduce new members of the group and get them acquainted to the old-timers. When you talk about parties, buying and purchasing a new outfit to wear is always considered. Since, going out shopping can stress you out because of the limited time to go around the stalls, fit and then go back again from racks-to-racks of clothes, online shopping is considered.

To help you decide when getting a new outfit, I made a short list to help you get to start. This is my own technique and opinion based on my experience.

1. Know what type of event or party you will be attending.

2. Allocate your budget.

3. Source out stores (physical or online) to go to when purchasing.

4. Always go for comfort versus what is hot and new when it comes to trend.

ZAFUL was recommended to me by friends, they were satisfied customers as they told me, giving this a try won’t do any harm.

Upon browsing I found beautiful items aside from party clothes, everyday wear and other personal items one can find. I cannot stop browsing each page, this is the thing about online shop browsing, you cannot stop…the process is very addicting, ha ha ha!

Let’s go back to the main purpose, to scout for a party dress! You can check out the dresses I checked HERE. The image below captured my eyes when I got to one of the pages, this is the perfect dress for the occasion. It is simple and stylish, it doesn’t require much-needed accessories to go along with, black shoes in flat or a wedge shoes can be the perfect ensemble for this type.

Off-shoulder velvet body dress

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