Sunday, June 3, 2018

How to keep Brazilian Hair Healthy when Using Hair Iron

How to style and give your virgin hair bundles that wow look? 
We always wanted to achieve that smooth, soft, fluffy and shiny feel to our look when it comes to hairstyle whether it is naturally grown hair or hair weaves like the Brazilian hair weave types. Nowadays, for easy and convenient steps to achieve this, we rely on hair tools like hair iron, where we can get that instant natural looking curls. It is even advised by hair professionals when you go to the salon. But, unfortunately, this kind of hair tool can bring damage to your hair and hair weaves. 

Want to know some tips to keep virgin hair bundles from possible damage using daily hair ironing?

Shopping for a good and quality branded hair iron- to buy a good iron for your Brazilian hair weave, always consider the material of hair iron plates or wand is made out from. Always check for even and distributed heat from the rod. Good hair plates should be made of ceramics, jade, tourmaline or titanium. Irons plates made from this materials heat evenly and distribute the heat to your virgin hair bundle from inside to the outside thereby causing less damage. Hot iron rods should have an adjustable knob features, to adjust the temperature according to hair texture and length 

Essential products to protect hot plate hair damage- To start your daily routine heat treatment, make sure the virgin hair bundle is perfectly dry if not you can use a blow dryer to complete the drying for a faster styling technique. When this is done, apply heat protecting products and spray before you start. This makes the virgin hair bundle more viable and easy to iron. Set the iron to the lowest heat and iron in small sections varying from the style you wanted to achieve. Adding hair products to maintain the style such as hair spray, hair mousse, or even hairspray.

Maintenance of Brazilian hair weave is a MUST: there is no better way to keep your Brazilian hair weave healthy by maintaining it, moisturize and conditioning will always do. A leave-on hair conditioner can be used as well. When damage appears like hair split ends regular trimming can be a good point of action. 
Check out some hair online shop like Brazilian mink hair vendors which you can compare and decide to get one. Enjoy a new and unique hairstyle that can give and define your presence and uniqueness. 

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