Sunday, June 3, 2018

Tips to Protect your Gold Wedding Rings from Damage

Gold is considered the very expensive commodity. During the early times, gold can be a means of trading, it can be the source of payment for goods and services. Today, gold is used for an exchange of currency. Gold which is considered as a precious metal and having characteristics of being permeable or flexible according to one's desired form. 

This precious metal can also be damaged by chemicals, residue, oils, and physical damage causing dents.  

When I was little I keep hearing when my mother, grandma and the rest of the female family members when they talk about jewelry like gold and such, they keep on insisting that gold is the best investment of all. This was instilled in me and now I can say that I am certified in love with gold in general, whether it's pieces of jewelry and other gold items I can have. I find gold as a classy and sophisticated piece of jewelry that can be matched in anything.

Gold as a wedding ring symbolizes the union between the married couple, that is why they say that to take off your wedding ring carries bad luck. But, what if you are exposed to chemicals and other harsh products that can damage your precious gold pieces? 

I personally like applying hand creams and lotions multiple times a day, at work or at home most especially when I do house chores as such washing the dishes. 

I normally take off rings I am wearing to avoid dents and exposing it to chemicals and oil stains, this can prevent damage to the ring and a good protection of stones set on the ring. 

How to Store Your Wedding Bands

Store your gold pieces separated from each other, if you have a jewelry box with compartments placed them individually. This will prevent scratches and dents which gold is known for. Also, you can protect your diamonds or other stones in it. 
You can also individually wrap your gold rings using a soft cotton cloth or a soft tissue paper. Make sure the rings are dry and clean before storing.
You can have your pieces be maintained by a professional jewelry cleaner when the time comes. 

Typical yellow gold wedding bands are the traditional color when you speak of gold. Today, a beautiful rose gold matching wedding bands are the trendy color that falls to color fashion.

Although gold requires a lot of maintenance do not fret, consider it as a way to preserve the quality condition, thus by making your pieces more valuable in the years to come, just like your marriage. 

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