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KZ performs for Filipino crowd for the 1st time after Singer 2018 in Vivo V9 mall tour

Singer KZ Tandingan earned new fans with her powerful performances during her stint on China’s high-rating TV show, Singer 2018. Although she did not make it to the finals, KZ made a mark with the Chinese audience, cementing her title as Asia’s Soul Supreme.

Now back in the Philippines, KZ performed for her fans at the SM Mall of Asia on April 22, Sunday, to support the launch of Vivo’s newest flagship smartphone, the V9 with a 24-megapixel AI selfie camera and more. It was her first public performance in the Philippines following her appearance on Singer 2018.

As the crowd roared in welcome, KZ belted out her signature hits like her cover of Lorde’s “Royals,” which she performed on Singer 2018, and Air Supply’s “Two Less Lonely People in the World.” She also sang her original songs, “Labo” and “Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako.”

Game face on! KZ always ready to give her all as she wowed fans with her topnotch performance at SM Mall of Asia on April 22, Sunday, for the Vivo V9 mall tour.

Vivo Philippines Brand Director Annie Lim, meanwhile, expressed the global smartphone company’s continuous support for KZ.

“Like the rest of the Filipinos, we are very proud of KZ and her achievements on Singer 2018. She embodies the brand’s personality—young, trendy, and techie. We are very happy that someone as talented as her is part of the Vivo family,” she said.

“We can’t wait to see what she’s going to do next,” Lim added.

TJ thrilled fans at SM Mall of Asia on April 22, Sunday, with his melodious, captivating hits. 

The event was even made more special since acoustic balladeer TJ Monterde, KZ’s equally talented boyfriend and fellow Vivo endorser, performed for the event. He sang his own compositions, “Tulad Mo,” “Kahit Kunwari,” and “Ikaw at Ako.” 

TJ also had nothing but praises for her girlfriend as she introduced her on stage and encouraged the mallgoers to cheer KZ on.

“KZ deserves a loud crowd,” he said.

Lovebirds do make great harmony. 

After the pair answered questions from the press and gave away a brand new Vivo V9, they sang their hit duet, “Ikaw at Ako Pa Rin,” which made their fans overjoyed with kilig.

KZ and TJ then went around the Perfect Shot, Perfect View Vivo V9 mall tour experience booths and greeted Vivo V9 buyers and their fans after the program. The two also surprised mallgoers when they dropped by the Vivo kiosk at the SM Cyberzone.

KZ has been a proud Vivo endorser since September 2017. She has also been active in joining Vivo in its mall tours and activities since then. TJ, on the other hand, became a Vivo endorser since May 2017.

Check out Vivo’s official YouTube page for more information:

About Vivo

A global smartphone brand focused on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology, Vivo develops innovative and stylish products for young people. We now have over two hundred million users and are one of the preferred brands of young people around the world. As an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™, Vivo believes in the importance of encouraging young people to embrace self-expression and an energetic lifestyle. In the Philippines, Vivo is the top 3 smartphone brand in terms of market share with 1.5 million users nationwide.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( accounts.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Explore Sapporo With the Affordable Karaksa Hotel

Hokkaido may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of traveling to Japan, but this dynamic, wide-open island has a unique charm—with its long winters, lush forests and laid-back culture. For instance, its prefectural capital Sapporo is home to the most delicious beer in the region, and it’s also the main setting of the blockbuster local film, Kita-Kita. That is why more travelers are becoming keen to unravel its beauty.

If you’re one of those travelers, good news: Karaksa Hotels, the official hotel partner of Go Hotels in Japan, has finally opened its doors in Sapporo! Opened last January, this newest branch aims to cater the growing numbers of Pinoy tourists in Japan.

“Japan is a timeless favorite among Pinoys when it comes to international travel,” said Go Hotels General Manager Elizabeth D. Gregorio. “We plan to open more branches in different cities in Japan with the emergence and increasing number of smart travellers—local and international.”

Karaksa Hotel has spacious, well-appointed rooms in stylish, modern and Japanese designs. Some of the rooms can be connected to accommodate families and large groups.

This newest Karaksa Hotel branch, like the four other branches in Kansai region, mostly has spacious twin rooms that can be connected to accommodate families or group of friends up to 6 people. There are double rooms and stylish modern Japanese designed rooms on the topmost floor, so guests can easily find a room based on their needs.

Since Hokkaido is a hot springs haven, this branch especially features a relaxing hot bath for all guests. Adjacent to it is the RoomⓇ, where you can further pamper yourself with a refreshing drink while on a massage chair after a long hot bath.

Travelers can enjoy a hearty breakfast from an array of local and Asian cuisines using Hokkaido’s best ingredients.

Have a beautiful morning with their buffet breakfast served with Hokkaido’s best ingredients ran by one of Sapporo’s restaurant chain. Their wide array of delectable local and Asian cuisines is a perfect way to start the day.

Their facilities and amenities cover the basic essentials of every traveler such as free high-speed internet service (Wi-Fi), safety deposit boxes, vending machines and fully air-conditioned rooms, complete with personal items. They also have a laundry area and.

The hotel is conveniently located at 5-24 Minami Sanjo-nishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo City. It is right smack in the central area of Sapporo, a 5-minute walk from Susukino station via Shiei Subway Namboku Line, and a 6-minute walk if you’re from Odori Station. It’s also a walking distance from—Susukino and the Odori Park, which are both famous for its Snow Festivals.

The famous Tanukikoji shopping arcade is just outside Karaksa Hotel in Sapporo, making it the perfect accommodation for travelers of any interest.

Outside the hotel is a wide stretch of famous shops and restaurants of the shopping arcade, Tanukikoji, making it the perfect accommodation for travelers of any interest.

Karaksa Hotel Sapporo has 112 rooms in total. Aside from this, Karaksa Hotels has four other branches in Osaka and Kyoto which are also located near the famous spots of the cities.

Book now through 

SBMA Inks Accord with Asian Aviation Group to Develop Subic Airport

SBMA Chairman and Administrator Wilma T. Eisma (left) concludes an agreement with AsBAA Chairperson Jennyn Lao for the development and operation of the Subic Bay International Airport.


SUBIC BAY FREEPORT – The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) to further develop the Subic Bay International Airport (SBIA) for business aviation.

SBMA Chairman and Administrator Wilma T. Eisma said the agreement was signed during the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition 2018 on April 17 in Shanghai, China.

Under the MOU, AsBAA will help develop infrastructures at the SBIA, as well as assist in operations at the airport, while offering business aviation services in the Philippines through Subic.

AsBAA Philippine Chapter chairman Benjamin Lopez said that AsBAA “will support and advise on the initial design and ongoing operation of the SBIA to bring about an immediate and reliable facility that regional business aviation and general aviation operators can access as another option to operate from in the Philippines.”

Lopez, who is also the president of Inaec Aviation Corp., said that the country’s focus on infrastructure development to help decongest Manila in the aviation sector is most welcome.

“Plans have long been discussed and now is the time for action. We are delighted to assist the authorities in advising on these vital enhancements to Philippine aviation infrastructure,” he added.

The AsBAA Philippine chapter was launched in September 2017 and is the newest addition to AsBAA’s regional committees. The chapter started 2018 by leading a delegation of its members on a site visit and investment trip to Manila, Clark and Subic Airports to meet with regulators, airport operators, and aviation stakeholders.

On January 27, AsBAA president Max Motschmann led an ocular inspection of the SBIA to determine the business potential of the area.

The MOU for SBIA was the second agreement that the association signed this year to help develop airport infrastructures in Southeast Asia. The first agreement was with the Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB).

Eisma said that she wants to make SBIA a business aviation airport and to prepare it as well for general aviation; maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services; and charter flights. She added that passenger aviation should be focused in Clark Airport and not here in Subic.

“We can get spillover from neighboring airports like Clark, but I would rather court general aviation and business aviation heavily and have a niche for them to attract tourists with curated experiences,” Eisma added.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

5 Tips to Keeping Your Home in Good Condition

Your home is more than four walls and a roof. It is where you and your family live. Just like your regular car service, you need to take care of your home for it to last for years before you can invest in costly repair or remodeling services. It is important to keep your home in good condition to keep all your family members comfortable.

Whether you live in your house or rent your space, keeping your home in good condition also means ensuring it’s clean and hazard-free for your entire family. Whereas some tasks should be done daily, weekly or monthly, others are undertaken seasonally or even on an annual basis. Here are five tips to help keep your home in good condition:

1. Clean in Spring

Spring isn’t just a time to open your windows after so many months and clean out your closet, but also give the interior and exterior of your home a thorough cleaning. Rake your yard and use the leaves and dead plants as mulch in your garden. Prepare your outdoor faucets for use and check them for any damages that might need repair.

Check your trees for any diseases that might require treatment. Plant your perennials and reseed your lawn in preparation for summer. Drain, clean and store your snow blower and prepare your lawnmower for use in the coming months.

2. Maintain the Outdoors of Your Home

Inspect your outdoor space for cracks in concrete, loose roofing shingles and wear in the chimneys. Inspect the condition of the driveway and look for pools of water and cracks in the foundation and façade. Clean your gutters twice annually and check for any signs of damage.

Gutters control how rainwater flows into your house and thus if clogged, can lead to water infiltration or leakage on the roof. Is your outdoor paint chipping or peeling? A layer of paint can protect your walls and roof from water damages, including corrosion and rot.

Clean the exterior of your home on a warm day, including the façade, windows, doors, and siding. Look out for soiled areas to clean thoroughly. Inspect your deck or patio for loose nails and cracks. Remove all grime and debris accumulated in winter, including leaves.

Clean your patio or deck accordingly based on the type of material it’s made of. Open your pool for use in spring and many months to follow.

3. Maintain the Interiors of Your Home

Hire a technician to check and service your HVAC systems twice annually. They’ll also clean the ducts and vents, checking for damage signs. Drain and clean boilers if you have steam heat in your home. Check your plumbing for leakage and wear, and fix what needs repair. Is your sump pump draining properly?

Inspect your chimney annually and clean it regularly depending on how often you use it. Use smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and inspect them regularly to ensure they’re in good working condition.

Also, protect and clean your tile floorings by using appropriate mops that won't leave any damages on the textures and surfaces.

4. Apply Paint on Your Exterior Walls and Woodwork Surfaces

A good exterior paint can give your home a beautiful shine, in addition to making it weatherproof. Moreover, a coat of paint would also ensure no water or dampness gets inside your home. Painting your outdoor woodwork surfaces protects them from rotting.

5. Keep Your Home Properly Ventilated

Use extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom to ensure that steam gets outdoors. Alternatively, make sure your home, especially the kitchen and bathroom, is properly ventilated. As a result, your home becomes damp-free and mold resistant.

It’s also important to hire a professional annually to check your gas lines and kitchen appliances to ensure everything is safe for use. Ensure your home can protect you from costly, unexpected damages or repairs that might arise.

Visit to find out more about how you can keep your home in good condition.

It is always rewarding to find ways to read and add it to your resource materials when it comes to home improvements. This will definitely help a lot with homeowners who are into home investments, making home units more profitable and happy and enjoyable to live-in. 

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3 Tips to Hiring an Air Conditioning Professional

In recent years, many homeowners have become overconfident in repairing and installing air conditioners. It is so because, with the advent of the internet, repairing tasks are increasingly being performed by non-technical people. However, an air conditioner machine requires expertise at the time of its installation. Interestingly, your heating and cooling equipment is complicated machinery, and you have to take great care in its installation process for it to function efficiently. Selecting the right technician is essential to ascertain that your unit stays in a top-notch condition. An air conditioner keeps your home comfortable during hot and humid summers. Hence, installing it in the right manner is essential. A qualified professional compile the components of the unit as per the specifications laid out by the manufacturer. Here are the tips that you should consider while hiring an air conditioner technician:

1) Experience

The experience of the technician is always a deciding factor when hiring. Your cooling unit is an expensive machine, and this is the reason that you should opt for a knowledgeable professional. Hence, it is normal that you should choose for those technicians who are well-experienced in repairing all types of air conditioning units. You can also check the references of the technician to assess his or her skills in dealing with this kind of task.

2) Affordability

When you need your cooling unit to be fixed, you tend to feel desperate. Unfortunately, some shady technicians may try to take advantage of this situation. They could demand excessively high service charges. This is the reason that while repairing or installing your cooling unit, you should always be on the lookout for a technician who has excellent credentials at a reasonable cost. It is recommended that you do not shell out extra money to get your air conditioner fixed. It is always advisable that you gather a few quotes an air conditioner expert whose service charges are neither too cheap nor too high. You have little room for mistakes when it comes to dealing with the intricate process of installing or fixing a broken air conditioner unit. Credible air conditioner technicians will usually charge high service charges. Then again, you would rather spend on those technicians who have credibility in the market than spend double the amount correcting the mistakes of a sham technician.

3) Licensure

It is always vital to assess whether the technician you are hiring is qualified or not. When an air conditioner technician possesses a license, it depicts that he has met the minimum standards in terms of experience and training. Each region licenses these professionals vividly. However, the possession of a license is one of the vital requirements an air conditioner professional has to meet. When you talk to an expert, ask him to show his license. Verify the authenticity of the license by contacting the issuer and cross-checking the license number independently. That is one way to avoid having your unit destroyed, leaving you to incur losses.

When to Start Wearing Prescription Glasses

Visual impairment is one of the most common health problem people are facing today. There are many factors that contribute to visual impairment; the most typical cause can be associated with exposure to radiation such as a computer, laptop, and smartphones- in which majority of the people can get access to. 
Other causes can be related to genetics, physical trauma to the eyes, infection and old age.

In my personal experience, I started noticing blurry vision, tension headache, dizziness, vertigo like symptoms, uneasy feeling and difficulty in reading in front of the computer from the certain distance I was used to. That was the time I considered consulting an ophthalmologist to have my eyes checked, also I already hit the age that was considered as a candidate for wearing eyeglasses. Although I know for a fact that the major contributory factor of my visual problem was due to over-exposure to computer radiation.

When my ophthalmologist detects a slight difference to what is normal, she referred me to an optometrist for prescription glasses, he even explained to me how to measure the eyeglasses PD number. There are choices of remedies for visual impairment that is given to the patient, depending on the need. A patient can wear contact lenses, eyeglasses, and sometimes surgery can be considered as well. 
After non-invasive steps such as- eye-refraction, manual eye inspection, and distance reading in the Snellen's chart. I was prescribed to wear prescription glasses. There were mixed emotions, I was relieved that it has a way for me to see clearly just like before and second was I hope I can get the best-looking eyeglasses frame, which will suit my everyday look. 

Although I was offered with a variety of glasses frames for women, I took a day to check out other stores carry with me my prescription, so that anytime I can choose what looks fashionable and with cute glasses frame I can have it done, instantly! I've also checked some local eyeglasses stores in the city, but for me, they are all the same, the classic traditional styles and some are way pricey. 

A friend of mine suggested to check out stores online which I am very excited to explore, one site that looks promising is these Zeelool prescription eyeglasses online. I love the styles they have, the colors which are unique and shows personality to whoever will wear it. True that eyeglasses can be related to as a fashion accessory. They also offer discount codes and they ship worldwide! Although I already had my prescription glasses done locally, I am considering to get one from this online store as a backup glasses. 

Lazada Philippines Offers P100 Discount Vouchers to PERA SWIPE Users

Top online shopping site Lazada Philippines teams up with PERA SWIPE – a patented lock screen rewards app exclusively available in the country. Through this partnership, PERA SWIPE app users can now redeem P100 Lazada discount vouchers (usable on any item and applicable for a total purchase of P1,000 and above).

It’s the best time to have your own discount voucher as Lazada’s Birthday Festival begins on April 25, 2018. You can shop from an assortment of over 40M items including local and international brands without ever having to leave your home. Best of all, Lazada Philippines delivers their orders right to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the country.

Unlock Rewards

What makes PERA SWIPE a go-to app is that it’s easy to earn points. Since its launch in June 2017, the app now has over 1M users. The app is also user-friendly in nature. Users only need to unlock their PERA SWIPE screens, refer friends, and join in-app events to earn points. Getting rewarded for simply doing a daily habit such as unlocking your screen is definitely worth it.

Through its patented technology, PERA SWIPE is the only app in the country that will be able to provide Lazada perks and rewards in as easy as a lock-screen swipe. As the partnership between the two tech-driven companies develops, digital-savvy Pinoys can only expect more and better to come.

Not yet a PERA SWIPE USER? Download the free app now on Google Play Make sure you use “lazada” as your referral code to get instant 555 points and exclusive promos.

I am excited to check out items my family and I need for summer, there are cool items I had in my Lazada account which I bookmarked a few days ago, and one item is around P100, so with this Lazada voucher, I can get it for FREE!

Hurry! Don’t be the last to get your very own Lazada voucher.

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Why get clip-in hair extensions at BestHairBuy?

Want something new, a new wardrobe, a new shoes or maybe a new hair look for the season? 

A new hairdo defines some change in fashion, mood and even in the sense of style. We normally get up in the morning, wishing our hair will go as natural and manageable throughout the day, as the saying woman wants a bad hair day mood. 

And there are times as we go on our daily routine, we sometimes neglect to care hair properly. For so many reasons like using a new hair product brand or too much sun exposure because of job-related reason, or just simply have no time to do so.  

Right, now we can result in temporary hairstyles, trendy, fashionable and of course affordable too! Clip-in hair extensions are popular! 

What is clip-in hair extensions? 

It is a do-it-yourself hair extension system, easy to use, and now long-term bonding. You can find the perfect match for your hair color, hair length and how thick or thin you want for the extensions. It is basically made from human hair, so caring for it is the same as your natural hair. 
You just have to clip it to the natural hair, you can add volume and style to your natural hair. 

Why do you need to get clip-in hair extensions?

It is aesthetically beautiful, it can give you that extra boost and style. It can also define your personal style when it comes to hairstyles using clip-in hair extensions.

BestHairBuy offers a wide-array of clip-in hairstyles, length, color, volume and also affordable prices which you can choose from.
Some of the styles I am eyeing from the page, which is very trendy in styles.

What I like about this style is it looks so natural, well most of the hair clip-in extensions look natural, but this one suits well with my hair color so I am choosing this one as my initial choice. It looks fresh, fashionable and glamorous. 

It creates a layer in the body of the hair. The color goes perfectly well in fair to light complexion. You can adjust the layers of the clip in extensions according to your preferred style and length.

BestHairBuy hair extensions
For people with thin fine hair, it adds volume and length to hair, it creates wonderful layers that looks seamless. 

Aside from discounted products, almost everything is on sale! You can get the most amazing hair products at a much lower price. 

Here are some discounts, codes and other freebies you can enjoy when you purchase: 
  • Earth Day 2018, 15% OFF (ED15 for orders over $139)
  • Items on sale from 20%-30% off

They ship worldwide, payments can be made through VISA, Mastercard, and Paypal. 

"Besthairbuy" is a combination of "Best Quality" "Best Price" and "Best Service" We promise the high-quality product and good price. Best customer experience is our core purpose. We pursue the latest fashion and aim to deliver the beauty and glam to every woman.

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RCBC Net Income for 2017 at P4.3 billion, up 11%

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation posted an unaudited consolidated Net Income of P4.3 billion for the year ended 2017, 11.4% higher than the P3.9 billion reported in 2016.

Net income in the fourth quarter alone grew by 146% to P904 million compared to P368 million in the same period last year driven by a 27% growth in Net Interest Income and a 19% growth in Non-Interest Income.

For the full year 2017, Net Interest Margin (NIM) remained strong at 4.24%, an improvement of 19 basis points from the 4.06% recorded in full-year 2016.

Net Interest Income reached P18.0 billion with 15% growth year-on-year. This was driven by the Bank’s vibrant lending business with Total Customer Loan portfolio expanding by 16% to P353 billion. All market segments sustained their growth with 12% growth in Corporate loans, 39% growth in SME Loans, 15% growth in Consumer Loans and 29% growth in Credit Card Receivables. Rizal MicroBank (RMB), the Microfinance arm of the Bank that provides financing requirements for micro and small enterprises, increased its outstanding loan portfolio by 39% year on year, through continuous efforts to enhance its current loan products responsive to the needs of its mandated market segments.

Total Gross Income reached P25.1 billion with Total Other Operating Income reaching P 7.1 billion or 28% of Gross Income. Fees and Commissions, which include card-related fees - both credit and debit cards, Trust fees, and Fees on investment banking and loans were at P3.4 billion and accounted for 14% of total Gross Income.

Total operating expenses increased slowly by 2.3% to P17.8 billion for the year ended 2017. The Bank pursued the expansion of its distribution network by selectively opening 27 branches and deploying 74 ATMs mainly in support of its on-going strategy to broaden customer reach and enhance banking convenience. This brought the consolidated network to 508 Branches and 1,562 ATMs, resulting to a 3.07 branch-to-ATM ratio, one of the highest in the industry.

Total Consolidated Resources expanded to P556.3 billion. Total Deposits grew by 10% or P35.3 billion year-on-year to P388.9 billion.

The Bank's Capital funds stood at P67.1 billion and well above the minimum regulatory requirement with a CAR of 15.47% and CET1 Ratio of 12.46%. The Bank’s Asset quality remained stable with NPL Ratio at 1.25%, lower than the 1.41% NPL Ratio as of end-3Q17.

The Bank’s other businesses continued to grow, addressing the various needs of its customers. RCBC Bankard has a strong and active card base of 579,000 in 2017, higher by 9% vs. the previous year. The Bank has built a strong portfolio under its Wealth Management business with Total Assets under Management (AUM) expanding by 12% to P103.0 billion.

“The Bank is on track and ready to take advantage of the opportunities expected from the favorable business environment in 2018. Our delivery channels are geared up with new branches and improved ATM systems supported by strengthened security measures in anticipation of the increased client activity in 2018. Competition, however, will continue to be strong. The RCBC management understands this all too well and is prepared to address this with a strong sense of urgency, as we pursue our business plans, key initiatives, and key transactions this year”, said Gil A. Buenaventura, RCBC President, and CEO.

In support of the regulatory sandbox initiative introduced by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), RCBC has recently partnered with eCurrency Mint Limited (eCurrency) to launch its digital money product to deliver accessible and affordable digital financial services in the country.

RCBC also sealed new Trust deals. Some of the deals are Stock Transfer Account for Meralco and Lopez Holdings, Project Accounts Trusteeship for Red Planet Hotels and Solar Energy Corporation, and Corporate Investment Management Accounts (IMA) for De La Salle Science Foundation.

The Bank received various awards in Credit Cards, among which, in 2017, Best Card Offering from Highly Commended, South East Asia, 4th Annual Card and Electronic Payments International Asia Awards and Annual Retail Banker International Trailblazer Awards; Best Card Design from 4th Annual Cards & Electronic Payments International Asia Awards 2017; Best Loyalty and Rewards Program from Mastercard Innovation Forum Awards 2017, and Best Credit Card Offering Philippines from International Finance Magazine. The bank was also awarded Best Leveraged Finance-Backed M&A in Southeast Asia from Alpha Southeast Asia Awards 2017, Best Capital Market Deal from IFR Awards 2017, Best Mergers & Acquisition Financing Deal from Triple A - The Asset Asian Awards 2017, and Best in Private Banking from AI Global Awards.

On November 23, 2017, Moody’s upgraded the bank’s baseline credit assessments (BCAs) and adjusted BCAs to baa3 from ba1. On December 14, 2017, Fitch revised upward the Support Rating Floor of RCBC to BB from BB-.

About RCBC

RCBC is a leading financial services provider in the Philippines offering a wide range of banking and financial products and services. RCBC is engaged in all aspects of traditional banking, investment banking, microfinance, retail financing (auto, mortgage and housing loans, and credit cards), remittance, leasing, foreign exchange, and stock brokering. RCBC is a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC), one of the oldest and largest conglomerates in South East Asia. For more information, please visit

Get the Perfect Deals for Camera on LatestDeals Online!

Summer break for kids means more time with the family, friends and most especially the much-awaited activities they love and enjoy to do. Aside from advanced academic summer classes being offered in the various educational institution which kids can enroll at, going out on family vacation away from home is one of the best summer memories one can have. To capture those memories with you, a good camera and tech-gadgets you can bring along is a must!

A quality, branded, reliable and easy-to-use digital cameras should be considered for purchase. Although there are a lot of outstanding mobile phones with built-in-cameras in the market today, which is also for easy snaps and you can share instantly over social media sites. But a good consideration when making a purchase of a digital camera is a good investment later on, based on my experience alone. 

In my personal experience as a hobbyist photographer, I was able to invest a good entry-level digital single-lens reflex or DSLR camera years ago. I attended some workshops, photography classes, symposium and some self-study courses online. Published some works online, and then, later on, I was able to make money on it because clients contacted me and some of my friends to work for their projects, mostly weddings and special events. In photography, I always believe that it is how different one's eye to perceive an image and convey it to the viewer in a different side of it, but always brings down to a conclusion that both of you liked that image. 

When purchasing a quality-branded camera like Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm or Pentax do some research - ask friends, read product reviews online, watch videos of the camera brand and also base your dream camera on the budget you have. It will be a great help for you to understand and get that clearer picture. 

Below is a diagram for you to study in choosing the right camera.

There are a lot of online shopping websites where you can purchase one. A pro-tip from me when finding the LatestDeals online, make sure that you can get the most discount on the item you wish to purchase. For example, check the offered voucher codes, items on sale, shipping coverage, warranty, online sales agent which you can chat with at any time of the day, and when they give out freebies which for me is a plus factor! 

Types of cameras on the market today. 

  • Compact cameras
  • Bridge cameras
  • Smart cameras
  • DSLR cameras
Technology is the future, the future is all about images you can capture everywhere you. Share it with the world and make history.

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9 Tips Minimalist Living: Essential Rules on Living with Less

Minimalist living is more than just clean white counters and a lack of clutter; it’s more than being able to fit all your worldly possessions into a single backpack. Rather, minimalism is all about the mindset: it’s about clearing all the clutter from your life and adjusting your way of thinking so you can live with more purpose, and more peace. You may be renting room in Singapore or own your own condominium. Whatever your living situation, you’ll be sure to benefit from the less-is-more mentality.

So, here we’ve broken down the principles of minimalist living so that you can experience the freedom of living with less – on your own terms.

1. Evaluate your priorities

The first step to any new mindset is of course evaluation. Take a step back and observe yourself. Examine your home, your possessions, your lifestyle, your habits, and your attitude objectively. The you that doubts it might think that minimalism is a radical lifestyle. However, the truth is, it is merely a way to put a stop to the gluttony of the world around us. You can look forward to a world of new adventures in a life with less stuff, less drama, less debt and less obligation. Thus, take the first step by looking at the details of your life objectively, through an unfiltered lens, to be able to see what you want to change more clearly.

2. Evaluate your space

Have you ever sat down and thought about your space and what you fill it with? Perhaps you own multiple versions of the same item. Perhaps you have a closet overflowing with clothes that you never wear and that you can’t keep track of. Perhaps you tidy up your surfaces in your space, only to realize you have no place to store all those knick-knacks you’ve picked up from random stores, or your cupboards are filled to the brim with even more junk. Don’t despair, however, as knowing what you have and evaluating whether you need it in your space is the first step to decluttering.

3. Declutter your home

This goes without saying. Minimalism means living with less. Thus, to live with less, you have to get rid of a lot. The process of decluttering can sometimes seem impossible and make you feel overwhelmed to boot. Starting is usually the most difficult part. Once you have gotten a move on decluttering, the nitty-gritty of the process will start to feel more manageable. Commit yourself and your mindset to clearing out with these simple steps: get rid of duplicates first, and then get rid of everything you don’t use or see on a regular basis. As you go through and evaluate your belongings, getting rid of the duplicates and the rarely-used, start to focus on eliminating the items that don’t bring joy or meaning to your life.

4. Think before you buy

The main – maybe even the biggest – component of minimalist living is giving thought to what you buy. This means evaluating what you bring into your home and your space. Before you buy that beautiful cream sweater that you see on sale for 50% off, stop and ask yourself if you really need it, and where the impulse to buy it came from. Do you want to buy it because you need it? Or do you want to buy it because it’s on sale? If it is the latter, steel yourself and walk away from the purchase. We all need to ask ourselves the hard and decidedly un-fun questions lest we add more stuff – and more chaos – to our lives.

5. Seek high-quality stuff

Quality over quantity is probably one of the most heard of sayings on minimalist living. Don’t dismiss it as a snob’s answer to shopping. The gist of it all is, in fact, that by buying quality items, you are investing your money and time into things that are built to last. Things that are made well are usually made t last. This will ensure that you don’t have to shop as much and as often to replace your belongings that have been worn-out or that have broken down. This same mindset can be applied to your style. Go out of your way to invest in classic and timeless pieces – whether it’s for your wardrobe or your home – so that you know that you’ll love it and be able to enjoy it for years to come.

6. Be grateful

A minimalist lifestyle is brought on by the search for contentment. Of course, contentment is not found by having more stuff. Rather, contentment begins with gratitude for all that you do have. Learn to focus more on what you have, rather than what you don’t. Give meaning to what you own, whether it’s that photo of you and your friends that make you smile or that coffee machine that kickstarts your day. When you feel grateful for everything you have, the desire for more will gradually disappear.

7. Purge regularly

Don’t just declutter your life and your belongings and call it a day. Minimalism is a constant mindset. Re-evaluate what you own on a regular basis to see if anything you own that brought you joy has now become a burden. This purging process can take many different forms. For some, it might be tidying up their closet every season or every year to eliminate clothing that is no longer wanted or rarely worn. For others, it might be a firm “one in, one out” rule that constitutes getting rid of one item for every item you bring into your home. Whatever your methods, be sure to evaluate what you own often, and put what you don’t need a donation bag to be given to charity.

8. Let go of the guilt

It is an inevitable part of life that we own items we don’t use or don’t cherish. Yet, we keep them out of obligation and out of guilt – either because they were expensive, sentimental or just brand new. However, minimalism has no place and no room for unused and unappreciated items, let alone the massive guilt that comes with wanting to get rid of them. Instead, give your unwanted items to a new and better home. Donate them to charity, or to friends. You can assuage your guilt and help you another person.

9. Disassociate yourself from material belongings
The principle of minimalism means learning to detach yourself from material belongings. This doesn’t mean it’s wrong to treasure your favorite scarf or to feel appreciation for your espresso machine. Just learn to realize that these things that you own are temporary sources of joy. These things that you own is not what fuels your happiness. Rather, it is the experiences and relationships in your life that brings you joy. So learn to need less, declutter, and get out there and just live life!

5 Tips to Creative Writing

Writing is an art and it is meant to be creative. You can communicate your ideas with great beauty and precision through creative writing. It has no boundaries, giving writers a perfect platform to freely prune and develop their voices.

It allows writers to express themselves, develop problem-solving skills and learn to deal with constructive criticism, a skill essential even in the job market where employers often give feedback to employees. It also fosters the development of outlining skills, vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

It can boost your general confidence levels and persuasive abilities. Studies have linked expressive writing and blogging to reduced stress, better mood, and general well-being. Writing has therapeutic value and can improve your happiness. Here are tips to help hone your creative writing skills:

Top 5 Tips to Help Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

1.    Practice Writing Skills

The basis of good writing is the ability to write proper sentences. Learn how to use flavored words to make your writing tasteful. Write conversationally and include interesting questions (not with obvious answers) in your writings. Transition your writing smoothly from one sentence to another sentence, and one paragraph to the next paragraph.

Use dynamic rhythm and change punctuation to play around with your writing voice. Practice writing sound bites, use mini-stories to engage your readers and outline your content to come up with a mesmerizing flow. Entertain in your writing and portray abstract concepts concretely using metaphors.

2.    Nourish Your Content

Nourish your content to delight, engage and inspire your audience. Use persuasion, empathy, authority (use expert stats and quotes) and share information nuggets to engage your readers. Be practical with your tips and use rich details to create memorable content that engages. Nourishing content serves readers with advice, ideas, inspiration, and comfort, leaving them craving for more.

3.    Develop the Right, Sticky Writing Habits

Practice makes perfect. Set aside time to write each day and publish content at least once a week. Plan what you want to write about and create a draft. Edit your draft and format it to give it form. Edit and proofread your work several times until you come up with the final, perfect piece. Be experimental and playful; try various writing strategies and tones to find what works best for you.

4.    Learn from Writing Masters

Nobody was born able to write. You have to learn to write and hone your writing skills. Seek inspiration from experienced writing masters and borrow one or two things from their writings. Learn how to use simple words to explain complex topics for children; read sports reports, movie or book reviews, novels, etc. and find out the words that grab your attention.

Note the writing styles and tones for different writings. Learn sales copywriting and direct mail copywriting to hone your persuasive writing skills. Indulge in poetry and enjoy the sensory experience that comes with each poem.

5.    Believe in Yourself

Confidence is critical in everything you do, including writing. You have the ideas, the words and everything you need to write well at your disposal. All you have to do is believe in yourself and start writing. Lots of practice can take you far in discovering the writing prowess in you.

Creative writing and writing, in general, is an art and a skill that can be developed and honed. It can be learned and mastered for you to become an exceptionally creative writer. Above all, you need the right attitude and passion to become a good writer.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Bric’s Life 65th Anniversary Collection: Timeless Beauty and Functionality

Italian heritage brand Bric’s celebrates 65 years of innovation and tradition renowned for its elegance and exemplary craftsmanship. It has been a travel luggage coveted by privileged clienteles of both sexes who seek for the seamless fusion of timeless beauty and functionality when it comes to their lives greatest and most premium experiences.

In its mission to provide elegance and functionality for the jet-setting lifestyle of its female patrons, Bric’s unveiled its limited edition capsule collection inspired by “Life”, the signature collection from the brand. The collection expresses itself thanks to the materials used: mustang, a unique and durable fabric, made in Italy, with a sophisticated suede effect, combined with luxurious vegetable-tanned leather trims and embellished with golden metal hardware.

To create a look that is fitting for an anniversary collection, Bric's renews and updates the classic mustang, in the iconic olive color, and paints it with a delicate floral motif rich in anemones and cherry blossoms, a fresh spring recall. The flowers are defined through stylized silver sketching, with pink and lilac tones, on trend for the SS 2018 collection.

The Life 65th anniversary collection offers a beautiful assortment: a four-wheel soft trolley spinner available in three different sizes (one carry-on supported by two larger, check-in sized trolleys), as well as the classic Bric's duffle bag in two sizes, a wash bag, a train case and a shopper.

The capsule collection is available in Bric's stores located at SM Aura Premier, Shangri-La Plaza Mall and Ayala Center Cebu.

For more details about Bric’s, visit

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Sexy Mermaid V-neck Gray Long Prom Dresses For Teenagers -


This sexy prom dress is the epitome of evening party belle. Pretty and alluring! From graduation parties to prom, balls, make sure you're the best-dressed girl around in this long prom dress.