Saturday, April 21, 2018

When to Start Wearing Prescription Glasses

Visual impairment is one of the most common health problem people are facing today. There are many factors that contribute to visual impairment; the most typical cause can be associated with exposure to radiation such as a computer, laptop, and smartphones- in which majority of the people can get access to. 
Other causes can be related to genetics, physical trauma to the eyes, infection and old age.

In my personal experience, I started noticing blurry vision, tension headache, dizziness, vertigo like symptoms, uneasy feeling and difficulty in reading in front of the computer from the certain distance I was used to. That was the time I considered consulting an ophthalmologist to have my eyes checked, also I already hit the age that was considered as a candidate for wearing eyeglasses. Although I know for a fact that the major contributory factor of my visual problem was due to over-exposure to computer radiation.

When my ophthalmologist detects a slight difference to what is normal, she referred me to an optometrist for prescription glasses, he even explained to me how to measure the eyeglasses PD number. There are choices of remedies for visual impairment that is given to the patient, depending on the need. A patient can wear contact lenses, eyeglasses, and sometimes surgery can be considered as well. 
After non-invasive steps such as- eye-refraction, manual eye inspection, and distance reading in the Snellen's chart. I was prescribed to wear prescription glasses. There were mixed emotions, I was relieved that it has a way for me to see clearly just like before and second was I hope I can get the best-looking eyeglasses frame, which will suit my everyday look. 

Although I was offered with a variety of glasses frames for women, I took a day to check out other stores carry with me my prescription, so that anytime I can choose what looks fashionable and with cute glasses frame I can have it done, instantly! I've also checked some local eyeglasses stores in the city, but for me, they are all the same, the classic traditional styles and some are way pricey. 

A friend of mine suggested to check out stores online which I am very excited to explore, one site that looks promising is these Zeelool prescription eyeglasses online. I love the styles they have, the colors which are unique and shows personality to whoever will wear it. True that eyeglasses can be related to as a fashion accessory. They also offer discount codes and they ship worldwide! Although I already had my prescription glasses done locally, I am considering to get one from this online store as a backup glasses. 

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