Sunday, April 8, 2018

5 Tips to Creative Writing

Writing is an art and it is meant to be creative. You can communicate your ideas with great beauty and precision through creative writing. It has no boundaries, giving writers a perfect platform to freely prune and develop their voices.

It allows writers to express themselves, develop problem-solving skills and learn to deal with constructive criticism, a skill essential even in the job market where employers often give feedback to employees. It also fosters the development of outlining skills, vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

It can boost your general confidence levels and persuasive abilities. Studies have linked expressive writing and blogging to reduced stress, better mood, and general well-being. Writing has therapeutic value and can improve your happiness. Here are tips to help hone your creative writing skills:

Top 5 Tips to Help Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

1.    Practice Writing Skills

The basis of good writing is the ability to write proper sentences. Learn how to use flavored words to make your writing tasteful. Write conversationally and include interesting questions (not with obvious answers) in your writings. Transition your writing smoothly from one sentence to another sentence, and one paragraph to the next paragraph.

Use dynamic rhythm and change punctuation to play around with your writing voice. Practice writing sound bites, use mini-stories to engage your readers and outline your content to come up with a mesmerizing flow. Entertain in your writing and portray abstract concepts concretely using metaphors.

2.    Nourish Your Content

Nourish your content to delight, engage and inspire your audience. Use persuasion, empathy, authority (use expert stats and quotes) and share information nuggets to engage your readers. Be practical with your tips and use rich details to create memorable content that engages. Nourishing content serves readers with advice, ideas, inspiration, and comfort, leaving them craving for more.

3.    Develop the Right, Sticky Writing Habits

Practice makes perfect. Set aside time to write each day and publish content at least once a week. Plan what you want to write about and create a draft. Edit your draft and format it to give it form. Edit and proofread your work several times until you come up with the final, perfect piece. Be experimental and playful; try various writing strategies and tones to find what works best for you.

4.    Learn from Writing Masters

Nobody was born able to write. You have to learn to write and hone your writing skills. Seek inspiration from experienced writing masters and borrow one or two things from their writings. Learn how to use simple words to explain complex topics for children; read sports reports, movie or book reviews, novels, etc. and find out the words that grab your attention.

Note the writing styles and tones for different writings. Learn sales copywriting and direct mail copywriting to hone your persuasive writing skills. Indulge in poetry and enjoy the sensory experience that comes with each poem.

5.    Believe in Yourself

Confidence is critical in everything you do, including writing. You have the ideas, the words and everything you need to write well at your disposal. All you have to do is believe in yourself and start writing. Lots of practice can take you far in discovering the writing prowess in you.

Creative writing and writing, in general, is an art and a skill that can be developed and honed. It can be learned and mastered for you to become an exceptionally creative writer. Above all, you need the right attitude and passion to become a good writer.

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