Friday, March 9, 2018

Amazing First Day- Global Creative Icons kick off DIY Your ROI Movement at Ad Summit Pilipinas 2018

Ad Summit Pilipinas 2018 (ASP 2018), organized by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of the Philippines, is starting a movement of customizing return on investments, one that can be measured beyond monetary gain.

Themed “DIY Your ROI,” ASP 2018, which is happening until March 10 at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center, focused on measuring metrics by way of customizing it to the intended goals and targets of a campaign. It may be a return on impact, return on ideas, intelligence, and inspiration, among others.

The first day kicked off with a talk by the multi-awarded Chief Creative Officer of David, Anselmo Ramos, who talked about Return on Ideas. Ramos came packed with nine tips about "The Art of Getting ROI by Trusting Your Gut."

With unusual tips—ranging from "Become an ad nerd" to "If you don't have to talk to your lawyer, then it's probably not gutsy enough"—Ramos showed, alongside clips of his winning projects for Heinz, Burger King, and Dove, that in order to come up with great ideas, it was important to know, more than the data that tend to drive corporate strategy nowadays, the values of the brand itself, and to look at life through the lens of the brand.

Through his efforts, he shared valuable lessons such as trusting in uncertainty, which he learned from the Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign to promote the practice of writing one-line briefs—a practice he regularly does with his current clients, as an exercise in distilling brand identity. He also encouraged the delegates the value of dreaming big, which lifted him and his agency David to prominence in just a few years.

He ended with some advice, which practically summarized his active stance on life and career, and his near-irrational faith in his ideas: "Nobody knows anything. But your gut has a pretty good idea."

For a talk on Return on Interest, Amit Chaubey, Marketing Science Lead for Global Accounts of Facebook APAC, said, “The pace of content creation is surpassing our ability to consume it. It’s a battle of attention.”

To address this, Chaubey highlighted new rules of capturing interest and attention, citing these three components namely:

1. Match how people watch by capturing different levels of interest and attention with Facebook video; using different placements to meet different marketing objectives; and complimenting other media.

2. Make Creative that connects by building mobile-first creative for better performance.

3. Measure what works by focusing on business outcomes not proxies like “view duration”; choosing the right tools to measure success; and testing, learning, and adapting to make the ROI of your content improve.

For his part, Global Pinoy Lionel Carreon, who is R/GA’s Global Director of Creative Recruiting, gave an empowering talk on Return on Identity. He defined identity by saying “My identity is what you know about me. Your identity is what I know about you.”

During his talk, Carreon shared some talents he was able to discover who were able to produce powerful examples of how advertising campaigns can start a movement to create awareness on issues that matter, by showing clips of ads like Love Over Bias, Ask for a Raise, Like a Girl, Love has no Labels, and Black Lives Matter, to name a few.

He ended his session with a moving quote, “The ability to change the world is our Return on Identity.”

Representing women power in the industry is Mara Binudin Lecocq, Founder of Secret Code, who focused on the topic, Return on Independence. She cataloged her journeys within the industry, using this as a background for her main message: find purpose in this world.

She recommends starting by doing stuff that speaks to your soul, stuff that you can “nerd over”, as it is by doing things you are passionate about where you will find that fulfillment which can lead you to your next promotion, job, or raise.

“Don’t overthink it. Google it until you make it. Stalk your idols. Get exposure. The times we live in today, we have access to so many things. Get on Behance, apply for grants, pitch to PR, and get influencers to repost your content. Find a sense of purpose, follow your passion,” Lecocq said.

For Day 2 of ASP 2018 (March 9), speakers include Katryna Mojica, chief executive officer of Ogilvy and Mather Hong Kong, to discuss "Return on Initiative"; Josy Paul, chairman and chief creative officer of BBDO India, for a talk on "Return on Inspiration"; Girish Menon, who is currently aiming to make digital service suite [m]PLATFORM operate in a relevant and accessible way for the APAC region, to emphasize a "Return on Impact"; Francis Flores, the global brand chief marketing officer for Jollibee Foods Corporation, to discuss ways to make a "Return on Intuition"; and Wil Dasovich, vlogger/ YouTube content creator, for a talk on Return on Influence.

“We hope with the Day One sessions, we were able to start the #DIYyourROI movement by opening the minds of the delegates to the endless possibilities of customizing returns. More to come in the next days,” said ASP 2018 overall chair Norman Agatep.

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