Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Save Money As Early as Now, UCPB's Start2Save Junior Savings Account!

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During today's generation, kids are exposed to things that are easy to reach. From technology and information to the most general things in life. Those things can be a great impact on their stage of growing up. Working parents like me can do so much to protect and guide them as much as we possibly can. 

Education is the primary goal that we need to provide for our children to be competitive and can face the world as they venture out into the real world- we need to secure their future with a good education, that is a fact!
There are a lot of ways us parents can direct our kids to better education as they grow up. As early as they start going to school and knowing their potentials, we make sure that we can give more of what they need. Advance classes in specific subject tutorials such as English tutor-which my daughter took during her primary stage in school, it benefited a lot, it boosted her confidence to speak in public, in front of a crowd. This is just a part of how we can inculcate education for our kids.

Along with providing a quality and good education, we need to teach the children of today the value of money by introducing them on saving every peso they have and placing it in the bank. 

I must admit when I was young I was so careless with money, and saving money was not my goal...not until I reach adulthood and more specifically when I had kids. True enough that money can be your passport to anywhere and everywhere. Nowadays, money can be hard to earn. It will take a lot of your energy, time and resources just to earn a single peso that is why when you have an extra keep and save it...a single peso will go along way when you save up.

That is why I introduced my daughter to UCPB's Start2Save Junior Savings Account and we opened up an account a week ago. 

I chose this bank because of the proximity to my workplace and also it is our payroll bank and upon checking on their website the Start2Save requirements are very easy to provide unlike with some other banks that we inquired before. And, at the same time now that my daughter will become a teenager this year she now understands the concept of having an ATM card and a passbook. 
Do you want to know the details of opening an account with UCPB? 
Check the details below:

UCPB Start2Save Junior Savings Account

The savings account comes with an ATM card and a passbook so that the account holder can monitor their savings and transaction. 

The account is open for 0-19 years old to submit; 
  • One valid ID.
  • For 0-6 years old, bring one valid ID of parent or guardian.
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • 1x1 ID picture
  • Initial deposit of P100.
The minimum balance to earn interest is Php1,000.

Upon opening the account last week, the passbook with our initial deposit was given to us and we waited for a week for the ATM card to be released. Today I picked up the card along with the initial PIN which my daughter needed to change in the machine next time we visit or drop by any UCPB atm. 

When my daughter arrived from school I hand-over to her the ATM card and the passbook and the excitement on her face! And, I told her will go to the nearest machine next time for her to change the PIN, and instructed her more on what to do. 

This will be her step on saving money wisely and effectively, along with her mini piggy banks and coin banks she has in her closet. :) 

A Wise Mom to a more wiser daughter. 

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