Thursday, February 15, 2018

4 Reasons To Use a Front End Mask

When looking at a front mask for car protection, you want to make sure you get a custom fit. A loose, baggy mask will not help in the slightest at preventing contact with dust, moisture and debris. While car covers are great for parked vehicles, you should still consider an auto bra for when you want to be safe while on the road.

1. Protects Against Scratches

The front of a car is most exposed to exploding bugs and tire-tossed rocks. Chipped paint and a dinged grille can cost a lot to repair, so it is best to simply buy a front mask rather than deal with costly repairs. Car bras are often made out of resilient vinyl that is perfectly capable of deflecting small objects and preventing small dings.

2. Saves You Money

Protecting against minor damage saves you more than just hassle. It also saves you money in the long run. Constantly needing to re-paint and buff out dings can add up over the years. With a front mask, you pay once for the product and do not have to worry about scratches as often.

3. Preserves Resale Value

Even if you repair scratches and dings, that kind of damage can still show up on a report when you go to sell your car. You want to get the most out of your investment, so preventing damage will often allow you to ask for more money during the sales process.

4. Provides Stylish Aesthetic

A customized mask will complement the car’s lines beautifully and give it a sportier look. You will certainly catch the attention of passersby. The best part is that it will not hamper the functionality of your front lights.

The professionals at California Car Cover can make custom covers for any application. The company has a guarantee that these covers will never result in scratching, so call 1-800-423-5525 to learn more.

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