Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Guitar Center has Promark at a Great Price!

To create the perfect beat on your drum set you need a good quality drum stick to go with it. Most drumsticks are made of wood, you can purchase wood drumsticks anywhere in you music stores or even some shop around your place. 

Did you know that Guitar Center has Promark at a great price! They have a wide selection of Promark drumstick that will suit your needs. They are on sale and some best-selling pairs. You can also get bundled pairs and even get one pair for free. 

Hickory oval wood, oak wood and the rest. You can also find accessories to go with your drumsticks too. They ship international and the currency price are shown already in the product page, you get to know the idea of the price range of the item. Below are some of the items on sale and best-selling pieces. 

PROMARK Neil Peart Autograph Series Drumsticks

PROMARK Neil Peart

PROMARK Shira Kashi Oak 5A Wood Tip Drum Sticks, Buy Two Get One Free
PROMARK Shira Kashi Oak

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