Wednesday, April 12, 2017

5 Items Every College Graduate Should Have

Graduating from college is such an exciting time. All of those hours spent in the library and late night study sessions finally pay off as you walk across the stage and receive your diploma. Then reality hits, it’s now time to go out into the “real world” on your own. One of the first things most young adults do after graduating college and securing a job is get their own “adult” apartment. While this can be an exciting time, it can also be very stressful setting a budget and figuring out what items you’ll need.

Today in order to make the “adulting” process easier for those of you making the adjustment from college student to young professional, I have compiled a list of the top 5 items that I think every twenty-something year old should have.

  1. Professional Attire
This is an absolute must-have! After graduation you will be going on tons of interviews. What you wear to a job interview can mean the difference between getting a job offer or getting rejected. You should own at least one professional outfit that you can wear on job interviews and any other business meetings you may have in the future.

2. Good pillows
We all know how important sleep is. Everyone loves sleep! But without good pillows, you’re not getting the quality of sleep that you deserve. Now that you’re out on your own, it’s time to ditch your cheap pillows and invest in pillows that will give you the quality of sleep that you deserve in order to be successful, happy, and healthy. Casper has an amazing line of pillows that provide the perfect balance of softness and support!

3. Vacuum
Now that you’re out on your own, you’re going to make a lot of messes. Most apartments have carpeting throughout so a vacuum is a necessity to clean up those spills! Vacuuming your rugs also helps make your new place look fresh and clean, especially for when guests come over to visit!

4. Tool Box
I never thought I would ever need a tool box until I moved into my first apartment. Now, I strongly believe a basic tool box is a necessity for young adults starting the adulting process. From assembling your new appliances to hanging wall decor, you’ll never know when you’ll need a screwdriver or hammer.

5. Wall Decor
Wall Decor is a simple, inexpensive way to make your apartment look and feel complete! Filling your apartment walls with pictures and other wall accessories will help make your new apartment feel like home. You can find inexpensive options on sites like Etsy to help add your own touch to your first apartment without breaking the bank!

What are your necessities for those beginning the “adulting” process?

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