Wednesday, December 7, 2016

We Shopped for Fly Shades

We got pairs of Fly Shades and it is rocking our style!
Last month I and my daughter decided to check out some sunglasses since we need a pair. I also looked for some pieces online but the shipping cost got me and skipped online.

A had few pairs of sunglasses from this brand year back. Imaging the styles and color shade before? haha! I know you guys are familiar with this brand as it was one of the brands that came out on the market and you kind find them anywhere in the mall with their kiosk outlets. 

This time I am so glad that I have my daughter with me helped me decide on what style and color to get, and I got her a pair too. My daughter gotta style too! Yep, she is starting to have her own swag when it comes to color clothing and style and sunglasses is one of them. No more cutesy and colorful character sunglasses for her. 

Down below are the photos of our new pairs of Fly Shades.

I got this for myself after trying out different shade, color, and shape. We both voted for this blue with gold ensemble wayfarer shade sunglasses. 
It is lightweight and it compliments my new hair color when worn. I also love the gold which gives a more sophisticated look into it. It can be worn over a dress or over jeans and shirt too. I will take a decent photo wearing the sunglasses and update this post for you all. 
Btw, this pair cost a little pricey at Php410 ($8.20), compared to the rest because it's one of their new collection pieces on display. It comes with a pouch with bendable metal lock + a cleaning cloth.

For my daughter M, she picked this one because it's black and it looks good on her too. But, the color was the main reason why she decided to get it. A wayfarer shape sunglasses with brown-wooden style frame handle or temple. I will take another picture that will focus on the temple for an update here.  
This one cost Php380 ($7.60), also comes with a pouch bag + a cleaning cloth. 

A snapshot of us from my daughter's birthday dinner, just sporting our new Fly Shades. 
Overall, we are happy with the pair we got and hopefully, this will last for a long time until the design and style wear off. 
Any sunglasses shopping you did lately? 

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