Friday, December 2, 2016

Considering Hair Extensions and Hair Wigs

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"Life is too short to have a boring hair."

A woman's hair is her crowning glory. It defines a certain personality and even tradition that goes with every lock. For us women, we love how we wake up in the morning and see our hair the way we wanted it to be. Shiny, no frizz, untangled and wavy.

We resort to something that will make our hair look good, nice and beautiful when it comes to our locks. There are hundreds of things we can do to achieve that from do-it-your own by mixing natural and what we have in the kitchen to the most extensive hair-salon treatments. And boils down to this question, What does it take for you to achieve that long and beautiful hair that you can have every? 

To achieve that dream hair we wanted is a part of investing in different hair products that are out there in the market. Product advertisements lure us from trying their so-called the right for your hair shampoos and conditioners. Going to the hair salon and have it colored treated would be sometime the last resort for it. 

Aside from having a dull and boring hair every day, stress can be the biggest factor and result to thinning and balding of hair. Extensive balding can be stopped by going under surgery such as hair transplant procedure. 

Personally, as what I have mentioned earlier I always rely on hair products that are available in the market. Having a long colored-treated hair, I always fix my hair everyday especially when I am at work. Depending on my mood I sometimes iron it when I wanted it long and straight. Curl it with the curling iron to have more body into it. I literally do everything with my hair from cutting, to coloring and fixing it every day. Rarely I go to the salon for have it professionally done. 

Though I have a knowledge of what I can do to my hair, I sometimes feel that my hair looks bored and getting thinner. I don't have that amount of money for surgery which I don't think I'd be needing sooner. But it looks dull at times, this makes me look and consider to try out hair extensions and made eventually hair wigs too.

As of my readings regarding wigs and hair extensions mostly they are made from animal hair like horse and goats and some are making human hair for wigs and extensions too. I would consider and try one for myself and see if it will look good on me. I searched for cheap hair extensions online at omgnb and everything looks so nice and pretty. 
omgnb is an online store that caters your personal and home needs. From their collection of hair extensions and hair wig, I saw some pieces that I think I can try on. Below are some of the hair extensions and wigs I am eyeing for on this site. Do you think I can get away with wearing extensions or wig? What do you think guys? 

100% human hair and I love the color of this one, looks natural and my kind of hair color. 

Two-toned ombre lace front wig with black to gray gradient heat resistant hair. This looks so funky and cool to wear. 

Loose Wavy Nature Black Full Lace Human Hair Wigs 0

I really like this one, it looks so soft and natural. The wavy curls which are the in thing right now making hair in full volume. I can see myself wearing this one with a touch of golden nude brown, which is my current hair color. 

This was taken a couple of months back and it is now longer and more striking in color from the color touched-up a few weeks ago.
Which among the chosen pieces above fits me and will look good on me?


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