Monday, October 24, 2016

How Do You Know if A Company Genuinely Cares for Its Employees?

How do you know if a company genuinely cares for its employees? 

A company cannot function without any employee, thus making truth to the saying that a person can't do a "One Man Show" when running a company. 
I always believe that employees are the backbone of a company. They need to be inspired, to be pushed and play the active role in a company. 
An employee- employer relationship can go around in a circle but it will always lead to a point where respect and authority come to place. 

  • A company needs to value their employee as much as they value a single member of their family. They are the fun to work with, and they can be the best asset a company can have. 
  • A company needs to bridge the gap between the company-customer relation but also to the direction of company-employee-customer flow.
  • A company needs to make sure that employees are growing not just exponentially in numbers but self-growth. 
  • A good company will always value the best results in an employee rather that than an employee sticking to its company's rules. Developing new ideas from employees can be achieved by an open communication. 
  • A company needs to recognize and reward employees. Rewards and incentives can motivate employees.
  • Organizing an employee and family outing means that a company cares not only for the employee alone but also for each member of their employees' family.
  • A company needs to allow vacation and leave incentives to its employees. You need a fresh mind of employees when they come back to work. New ideas can boost-up the return in sales etc.
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