Monday, October 24, 2016

6 Things you Need to do when Aiming for a Promotion?

A work promotion is what us employees looks and aims for when we are in a company that we love.

Remember, when you were starting your career? When you aimed to impress the boss with ideas that you think will benefit the company. And with that ideas, it can lead you to that recognition and eventually can make you promoted to the next or even higher level of the position.
Now, how you can achieve that promotion and make it a reality. Here are six things that can guide you. 

  • Help out. Helping out your colleagues can build up a good-working relationship with everyone. You will find more success in doing things when a coworker helps.  
  • Punctuality and Flexibility. Being punctual and flexible with time and work hours can add up to the items your boss can look up when it's time for them to validate you. You need to know and always be ready when the company needs you especially your time. 
  • Determination. In a company where you need to serve clients' problems and issues, you need to be determined to excel in your position. Every situation needs a different solution. When you lose track of that everything will fall every where. Extend an extra mile. You wouldn't want that work report your boss will get a feedback. 
  • Adapt. You need to adapt to whatever changes your company may experience. For example, your company used to purchase branded kind of pencil to use and all of a sudden generic pencils are the only ones available. Will you not use that and wait for the company to issue the branded kind? It will never be an excuse to do more with less.
  • Do not ask for a promotion. It's a no-no to ask your employer to give you a promotion. It is unethical and somehow disrespectful. A promotion is given to a deserving employee and it can be you or others. When the fruit is ripe then it is ready to be picked.
Good luck with the upcoming promotion and I know you truly deserve it! 

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