Friday, August 5, 2016

Prize Claimed for an Overnight Stay For Two at GrandSeas Hotel

If I will do the counting, this is my fifth hotel room accommodation prize from online and physical raffle contests. Over the years of joining raffle through contest online and in-store I have won some and I always call it luck!

Last month we dined at this pizza house here in Olongapo City, without the knowledge that they were celebrating their 40th year that day and during that night they have an on-going contest to all the diners. As we were leaving the store with a bit of disappointment because the band we were expecting to perform wasn't there anymore. After we finished our food around 10 pm we were leaving the store, in the front area they have this photo booth corner for photo souvenirs and a guessing game. 

A customer had the chance to guess how many white beans and the total number beans in the jar. The nearest guess can win prizes. They were almost wrapping up when we reached the area.. but I asked if we can still pitched in a guess. The lady who was assigned was so nice and gave us a chance. 
So I wrote down my guess... three digit number for the while beans and four digit number for all of the beans. 
I took a wild guess and wrote down the three combination number and I did not pay attention much on what was the prize for that contest. 

A week after that I checked on their FB page and viola! My name was in the announcement photo that I won the grand prize!

Lucky me! :)

Already claimed the hotel gift certificate and it will expire until January of next year. The hotel accommodation per day in the beach hotel costs aroung Php3000/ $67 with free breakfast for two. 
Blessings comes unexpectedly.

Any stories you want to share similar to my story? Share it away in the comments section below and I am excited to read it too. 

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