Monday, August 8, 2016

Butterfly Limited Collection by Marks & Spencer

Another fragrance I've discovered during my last visit to the mall. This 25ml spray bottle from Marks & Spencer's Limited Collection Butterfly Eau de Toilette perfume. 

The fragrance was on sale from Php595 to Php295 per 25ml bottle. 
The handy cylindrical glass bottle with gold spray cap can place anywhere in your purse or your carry on bag. 

A single spray can be enough to last the scent for hours. I like how elegant and simple the color combination of pink and gold in a transparent glass sprayer.

Aside from the best price because it was on sale, the scent is why I got hooked with it. 
I initially bought a bottle then went back after four days to get another one for stock.

I never tried this scent before and I was a bit excited to use it when I purchased a bottle. I sprayed a couple of times using the tester bottle from Marks & Spencer's store the night I bought this and the scent never faded easily. I love the floral, sweet and earthy scent. I need to check M&S website and look for more specifics of this scent. I am currently using it for one week straight and I still love how the smell blends to my skin.

"This eau de toilette is fruity, fresh and fun with a sophisticated but not too serious twist. Fresh green notes of fruity apple, watery cucumber and zesty grapefruit drift in to a smooth and delicate magnolia flower, rose and violet scents which are followed by rich base aromas of musk and amber. Fresh and feminine with a playful innocence."

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