Monday, August 1, 2016

How I Make Worklife Easier

As a working Mom of two teenage kids who works more than 40 hours a week can be tiring, but once you've mastered the art of not absorbing the stress from work you are always good to go!

My day always starts at 4:30 in the morning everyday specially when kids have school. I am a total hands on with my kids though they are old enough to take care of themselves. I prepare food for their school snack and lunch. The minute I stepped out of the house I turn on my work mode suit and my role as a school nurse is on. 
Student patients comes in and out of my clinic and seek medical advise and first aid treatment under my care. I need to stay focus and be updated with the current trends in medical technology. 
To stay focus and mentally alert, I always have this orange box filled with Vitamin C supplement to combat sickness and make my immune system combat those stress and hassle in my daily worklife.
Scheduling time offs and vacation is a good way to relax and be relief with the whole week being at work.

I spare an hour or two riding my mountain bike and enjoy the scenery around Subic Bay and at the same time I sweat big time in doing this. Removing all the toxins out of my body through sweat.
I also enjoy travelling and exploring nature. My recent Mount Pinatubo trekking last May of this year indeed test my ability and will power to conquer the peak of this volcano. I made it after seven hours of trek.

One of my greatest achievement for this year and made myself proud.

A month after the Pinatubo trip, time to enjoy and relax on island hopping tour in Puerto Galera and submit myself to full concentration while doing a tree pose position. 

The part of the house where I can enjoy and be tastefully creative is at the kitchen where I can invent and cook dishes that are healthy and kid friendly too. Vegetables high in fiber and vitamins, meat to supplement iron and protein build up our body needs. 

At the end of the day I can go home to my kids not feeling exhausted and drained. 
My kids can always see me smiling and attentive when I am with them. As they say a happy Mom is a happy home.
Not to mention that I am also a blogger who shares personal experiences to my readers worldwide. 

Thanks to FERN-C making my everyday worklife in dealing with deadlines more bearable. 
Trully... Worklife ay Easy with FERN-C, Subok na!

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