Friday, July 29, 2016

Venting my Disappointment with

My blog consists of money saving tips, earn money online gigs and and online shopping sites that offers savings and deals. I always share my experiences and transactions with online shops that I made orders with. Sometimes it became a series of blog post because I was satisfied, from the minute I chose the products up to the time I placed the orders. 

I always link my Paypal account to my shopping online transactions for payments. My Paypal earnings were from my earn money online sites. Basically, I'm getting goods online for FREE but those earn money online sites took me time to work on. Blogging, sponsored posts, pr posts and surveys etc. 

Exactly two weeks ago launched a promo where members can get 40% off with a promo code to be placed upon check-out. I initially filled-up my cart with the items I wanted to purchase. I did not hesitate in placing orders with this site because this is not the only time I made transaction with them... made several already in the past months and all were good. Items were delivered in good condition and on the exact date of delivery as stated, but not this one.

Placed my order last July 15,2016 and as stated in the delivery period 7 days would be the maxed date they can provide the items. The items were food items I needed for this weekend birthday party of my son. For a total of Php2k +  worth of goods they promo gave promo gave me Php800+ discount, which I was very happy about. 

After a week, I checked on my Takatack account for my order update, it was still on "checking stocks" status. I emailed the support team and asked. Reply came in asking for apology. According to their concessionaire "Spice Island Trading" who will be providing the goods, one item is not available anymore making the batch on delay status. 
They are asking me to go through my orders again and replace the out of stock item. I replied back asking them if they can still push through with the time I'd be needing the products. And, since the order was paid already how they can refund the money. 

A phone call from their team was received last Friday, verifying to me if I wanted to push with one item, and they will refund the money through bank deposit. Since, bank deposit was not an option to me I asked them if they can refund it back to my Paypal. After clarification to their superior it is possible. The next question I asked them was if the goods can be received before Friday which is today. They affirm and confirm it to me that I will received the items BEFORE today.

Until yesterday before I went home, the package that they promise did not arrive. 
And, yes they did ask for apology...but I need those today! 
Their reason now was Spice Island Trading had bulk of orders from the promo... which is not my fault and so as the other customers who still and had the same disappointment I have right now
Though you assured me of prioritizing my shipment still you did not fulfill your promise. 
I am not closing my doors to this online site, but I will be very aware next time. 
As of this writing, I still don't have the items with me... which I need today! 

*** update: the delivery arrived Friday afternoon, I went back to the office just to pick it up and bring it home. 

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