Friday, July 1, 2016

The Legend of Tarzan Review

I love watching movies specially when I get to score free movie tickets.
The other day as I was chatting with T on FB he mentioned to me that he wanted to see the movie The Legend of Tarzan and went to check the schedule and yesterday was the the first day of showing. Watched the movie trailer for me to convinced myself that it is worth-watching for. I was kinda convince and gave in to T's request, also it's the eve of his birthday :). He got an advance ticket last Tuesday for last night's last full show around 9pm, at cinema 4 of Harbor Point Mall. The movie tickets was Php170 each (around $4). 

Now let's go for my review. From the last animated Tarzan movie last 2013 which I did not see on the big screen, I was hoping for something big and spectacular based on the movie trailer I saw. I did not read any reviews beforehand to not spoil the mystery. Until I was seated in the cinema and got myself bored 30 minutes after it was playing. 

I find the character Tarzan (John Clayton III) played by Alexander Skarsgärd boring in this movie. Along with Samuel L.Jackson's performance which became a little cartoonish in some scenes. Though the people in the movie last gave them a good laugh with some scenes and humorous stunts. 

For Jane's character that was played by Margot Robbie I cannot think of anything special and extraordinary with her acting and role. 
Christoph Waltz played Leom Rom the Belgian Explorer who lures Tarzan in the story. I like him when he played the husband in the movie Big Eyes-2014. But in this movie the portrayal did not convinced me at all.

The movie plot was shallow and lots of shortcomings when it comes with the details. The special effects are a bit disappointing. You cannot identify the characters from all the flashback scenes. 

From the title of the movie we expect for adventure but this one is nothing without adventure. It was dull, boring and waste of money and time kind of movie. 
It lasted 110 minutes and I got sleepy a few times. 
My two cents for this movie The Legend of Tarzan-2016. 
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