Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I Got Nude by L'Oreal Collection by Colour Rich!

Perfect color!
Last weekend when we visited Ate Amy in her condo she hand me a box of lippies and made me choose the color I want. 
There were three tubes of LÓreal Paris Collection by Color Rich left and after I swatched the three I made a choice to pick this tube.

Barely Coral was the one!
I used different brand of nude color lippies before and I did not like it after a few times of of using it. 
Mostly creates lumps of colors in the middle of your lips. Nude lippies can be challenging to wear, you need a good color to go with that will match your skin tone as well as the make-up color. 

Neutral hue lippies are the in thing right now, and coral shades can be a good combination to Filipina fair skin like me.

L'Oreal Paris Collection by Colour Rich in Barely Coral shade

This is what the color stick look like without any camera flash.

L'Óreal Paris Barely Coral 

This shade is exclusive under the endorser Fan Bing Bing along with other Asian stars and also includes J.Lo the only one I know amongst :)

After several times using it this is the most perfect time to post it. 
The lippie is creamy and also unscented, it glides perfectly covering the entire lips. And, because it is in neutral color it is not that hard if you line your lips uneven (that's for me).
Coral shades are my personal love and this one really proves even more.

It would be nice to have all five in the collection but one is perfect for me to try.
How do you find the color in me? Hit me up in the comment section below and let me know if you have tried this shade before. 

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