Saturday, June 25, 2016

Review on Tony Moly Tony Tint Delight

When will I learn, no matter how I try...I am not good and okay with lip tints!
I went with my impulsive self again when I purchased this tube of Tony Moly Tony Tint Delight over at Althea Korea Ph. My blogger friend asked me if I wanted some items at the site so we can purchase items in one shipping. She had some items on her cart and needed a few more to reach the minimum amount of order to get the free shipping. Since I have some items on her that she will be sending me, I decided to grab the chance and experience another beauty online shopping site. 

One of the items was this Tony Moly Tony Tint Delight tube Php150 per tube on a sale price, I thought of getting this several times because lip tints aren't my thing. But, yeah the impulsive-self made me do it haha! 
Here is my personal review for this.
Tony Moly Tony Tint Delight in clear tubing, black twistable cap. I love how chic and simple the bottle design. 
It took us a week for the package to be delivered as stated on the site it will be ship from Korea, taking note of all items are made from Korea. I was kind of excited about this one!
The head of the cap has this heart shape which is so cute!
It has a soft brush applicator which glides smoothly, but the amount of the tint is too much when applied, giving the tint a smudged look. Also, the color is so different from the websites sample color. It doesn't match my skin tone. I am the one to blame here.

When I dabbed the tint at the back of my hand it gave me this glossy bright red color. And because it is a tint lip color it needed to leave a stain color to serve its purpose. 
Rubbed off several times using a dry tissue and this is what I got. A tint mark from the tested amount applied. It looked good when this was applied at the back of my hand by on my lips it's a different thing. I will insert a photo of me using this product after I locate that selfie I took from my phone. 
The tint separated colors from my lips leaving a darker red on my outer lip line and a light shade of red in the inner lip. This is normally my issue about tints, it doesn't cover the full lips. 

After I tested the tint once I have no plans on using it again, might give it away to a friend who wants it.
Again, this is my personal take on the product Tony Moly Tony Tint Delight, the product was bought by my own money and review is 100% mine. 

I know some girls are into tints and lucky them! :)

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