Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Our Gastronomically Satisfying Sakura Japanese Restaurant Experience

How about some Japanese food photos to satisfy your food cravings? I will be sharing with you all our gastronomical food experience that I and my family enjoyed.
Last month we received a food gift certificate from the awarding of the employee of the year from SBMA. 
And, to our surprise it was a single gift certificate worth five thousand pesos yes, Php5000 to Sakura Japanese Restaurant here in Subic Bay. 

So, I marked the calendar and it was a perfect timing to use this last after mass last Palm Sunday. 
Earlier that day we contacted the restaurant to make reservations and informed them about the gift certificate we will be using. 

Ms.Diane of Sakura confirmed it and reserved one VIP room for the four of us. I did check online the dishes that they are serving. 
I was kind of hesitant at first because of my kid's qualms about Japanese food. 
Good thing they have food that I know would love to have. 
And, take note the Php5k worth of gift certificate is for one-time use only... can you imagine the amount of food haha! 

Since we can spend so much that night I told our kids to order what they want. 
It was skies the limit for them. 
Sakura Japanese Restaurant facade and the entrance door leading to the main hall of the restaurant. There are few doors before reaching the main for the VIP rooms for 10pax or more.
Ms.Diane lead us to our reserved VIP room, the restaurant was half full and it was cozy enough to dine but we prefer the reserved room.

In this part I forgot to take pictures of the menu, we were too excited to order... my bad, sorry!

Ms.Diane took our food orders and in just 5 and less than 10 minutes all were served. That is how fast their service which is a total plus for us hungry tummies. :) 
The first batch of food who came in were: 

Two orders of California Maki's each order is at Php 260.00
This is how elegant, clean and well presented their California Maki's are. Compared to other Maki from other restaurants we dine. 
My daughter M and son wants their own plate of maki. 

An order of Salmon Teriyaki Maki was my daughter's other choice. This costs at Php 380.00.
Each maki rolls were garnished with sweet and fresh slices of cooked salmon, which gave that super nice texture and the flavor was nice. I took a couple of rolls and It was really good.
My son An ordered two of  Tamago Japanese egg cake,  Each order is at Php50.00. It comes with wasabi paste and a light sauce for dipping also some relish as side-dish. 
This was gone in a second!
Up next is this steaming bowl of Beef Ramen. The bowl was as big as a pot, it was overwhelming but I was pretty sure my son will enjoy this amount of Ramen which is one of his favorite dish to have. 
The light, flavorful and exact temperature for a ramen succeeded my expectations with this dish. I also like how it was presented the greens from the bokchoi, the strips of beef garnished with toasted sesame seeds with a half serving of an egg exposing the drooling egg yolk. 
This ramen cost at Php 390.00. It was kind of expensive but it was worth it! 
One serving of Horenso Gomaae cost Php 180.00 
It is steamed spinach drenched in sesame oil and cracked roasted sesame seeds. 
It is a cold appetizer to start the main course. It is sweet and crunchy at the same time. This one is the least on favorites for this food adventure for the reasons like, pricey and the serving is too little. But the taste was nice and since it's veggie it made me like it. 
We asked for some house tea and it was served in a small pot, which goes free upon request.
A glass of green mango shakes for my daughter avoiding a can of soda for her. This fruit shake is at Php 135.00. We also ordered canned sodas for the boy and the big boy, canned sodas at Php 60.00
An order of Gyoza at Php 170.00 for my son to pair it with the Beef Ramen, comes with a Japanese soy sauce for dipping. 
Well, guess whose plate is this for? Me! I am always on the side of salads and the liked and since most of the dishes my kids and Tay ordered are my likings too I will be tasting each plate :D

A heaping plated bowl of Beef Shabu-Shabu Salad Php 390.00.
It's a mixture of cold vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, young corn, tomatoes, cauliflower and generous strips thinly cut beef dressed in light Japanese mayo and extra salad dressing on the side. 
By the look of it, you will never feel like it was not enough for a salad... it was overwhelming. 
And, I liked it! 

It's a sin not to order tempura when you are in a Japanese restaurant. So we got this plate of assorted tempura for Php 390.00. It's a combination of shrimp, squid, fish, squash, and eggplant coated in tempura batter. 

One of the main dishes we had that night was this set. 

Salmon Harasuyaki Set for Php 380.00.
It goes with two slices of Salmon belly, half salad, a cup of miso soup, a bowl of Japanese rice, some sidings and a slice of watermelon fruit. 
Based on the color of the salmon and how flaky it was plus the sweet taste of the fish meat... it was fresh. 
This dish was for the big boy who loves salmon. 
I lost one photo of the dish we ordered it's the Ika Sugatayaki Php 250.00, an order of grilled squid. I was trying to retrieve the deleted photos in the folder but I couldn't find it. :(
Lastly, we won't leave without trying out an order of their best dessert. 
A bowl of cheesecake and coffee jelly parfait at Php 190.00. 
A combination of vanilla ice cream, whip cream, banana slices, crispies, a slice of cheesecake bed in coffee jelly cubes with a cherry on top. 
This was served last. 

Finally, it was time to devour all these amazing Japanese food in the table. 

My son posing for the camera with a growling tummy all smile in his face. :)
Kiddos with their chopsticks ready for those maki's!
Out VIP room and the hungry tummies ready to dig in.. 
And yes the amount of food was so much but they requested for another batch of Maki to order. 
We added two more orders of California Maki, two mo of the Salmon set and one assorted tempura booth for to go. 
We added Php125 cash to the Php 5000 food gift certificate, to sum up, the total bill of Php 5125, they don't add a service charge to the total bill. 

For the quality of food, service and the ambiance, this place is very recommendable. 
I hope you enjoyed the food blog post I shared to you and next time you visit Subic and will try this restaurant hit me up with your experience. :)

Sakura Japanese Restaurant
Lot 5 Time Square Bldg.Corner Sta.Rita Road 
Subic Bay Freefort Zone, 2222 
Olongapo City, Philippines
Contact No: (047) 252-2666

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