Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Puregold Perks Payday Specials!

There are times that you get so lucky when you can get the best deal in the market. All you need is to be aware and also check you online connections where you can get the news from. 
Being a Puregold Perks member I was able to avail products which they feature normally on Sundays. From the last pay day special last March 20, 2016, the products on specials was 1 Anchor Full Cream Milk UHT 1L plus FREE 1 pack ng Oreo Premiere Vanilla 29.4g x 9
One Puregold Perks card can avail up to three deals with a minimum purchase of Php300. I did shop for some items just to get the specials. My total savings was Php201. It is like I bought a buy1-take1 deal of the perfect product brand.

When we reached home me and my daughter M decided whipped up a liter of milk and combining oreo cookies in it plus a cup of ice. 

This is the finished product made out of the brand special deals we got. 
Unlimited Oreo Milk Shake with crushed oreo cookies as toppings. Just perfect for another not so expensive, home made a refreshing drink. I'll be on the watch for another payday specials this coming Sunday, hopefully, it's another one of my favorite brands. 
Are you a member of Puregold Aling Puring or Perks card member you can avail promos such as this one. 

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