Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wendy's Meal Deal from

Foodie date with my kids is one of our bonding time together. Since they are easy to manage kids when it comes to lunch, snack and dinner I don't find looking for restos inside the mall that will cater they hungry tummy. always offer food deal in some of our favorite fast food chains or even to restaurants in the City.
One of my personal deals I always purchase with Metrodeal is their Wendy's burger deals. 
My recent purchase was this 2 Wendy's Bourbon BBQnator Burger Combos with Natural Cut Fries and 16 oz. Drinks for P249 instead of P398, which can be availed in 39 branches nationwide. The highlight of the deal was 
  • Taste the newest toast of the town, Wendy's Bourbon BBQnator Combo for 2 with Wendy's Signature 16oz. Iced Tea and Natural Cut Fries
  • Made with 100% pure beef patty, all juicy and tasty on every bite
  • Your Baconator BBQ sauce made even more special with Jim Beam Bourbon
  • Topped with crunchy shoestring potatoes, sweet caramelized onions, and a slice of American cheese
  • Made with the freshest and finest ingredients to satisfy your cravings for a mouthwatering burger 
  • Available at 39 branches nationwide .
The nearest Wendy's in my location is Wendy's Harbor Point mall. 

I purchased two for vouchers for Php450.00 which serves 4. I made payments via Paypal service with no additional charges. As you all know my Paypal funds comes from online jobs/ tasks I have been working for the past years and it really serves a lot of savings in my part. 
Since this was not the first transaction I made with Metrodeal in purchasing food deals, I am aware of the process and also the staff at Wendy's Harbor Point knows me already.... some additional points there as a frequent customer. :)

Once, you purchased the voucher and made payments online or thru bank deposits as indicated. You will be receiving an email instructions on how to avail the voucher. Print out of the voucher is needed for you to present it at the desired store branch. 
No additional payment required. 
The upside of this deal is you can give this voucher to friends and family as a gift, which I have been doing too. I just need to note at the back of the printed copy my name, contact number and signature for the staff of the store to verify the name in their master list. And, that's it!

Wendy's Bourbon BBQnator Burger Combos with Natural Cut Fries

I like burgers and this one did not pass with my standards. The burger patty is dry and the taste is bland. The sandwich is a bit small that the usual Baconator burger of Wendy's also the burger was served cold. I think they made batch of this hours ago and bad timing for us that we did not get the fresh made burgers. The bacon inside the burger can't be recognized because of the small portioning. The fries and drinks was ok, nothing special for me to take note off. If you will buy this on ala carte of off-the deal, it is not worth your money.  

Still, if there will be food deals at I will still purchase because basically I will be getting it for FREE. :) 

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