Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Piko or Hopscotch

When I was a little girl I used to go outside of the house and play with the kids in the neighborhood. One of my fondest memories when I mastered the game of hopscotch or piko as we call it in Tagalog here in the Philippines.
I will pick up a rock and drew the lines for piko in the street side near our house. Back then everything was big and enjoyable. 
It was our only means of play since gadgets and other tv shows were not available, well I am talking about 35 years ago haha.

Piko was one of our fondest game alongside some of the traditional games like  Patintero, Taguan (hide and seek), Chinese garter,  Langit lupa (heaven and earth), Teks, Tinikling, Tumbang Preso, Palusebo, Tsato and many more. 
I am proud that I was able to play most of the traditional games that are now memories of the past?

This is a photo of my daughter around 4 years ago when I introduced Piko to her. I used a piece of charcoal and drew her a Piko structure and taught her how it was played. This is more fun to play when you are on the street, but in our case our street is a busy one and it would be not safe for her. I took some pictures of her playing Piko that she can recall later on and when she needs to show it to her kids later on. She was around the same age as mine when I played this game and I am seeing myself in her. 
I hope we as parents won't forget this kind of games we used to play during our childhood and we can share it to our kids... while they are still kids. 
It is no doubt that technology is replacing the traditional games but it is on us parents how they will be known. 
How about you, what was your fondest childhood games you played? Any memories you can share?

Thanks for stopping by bits en pieces of being me as a child now a Mom. :)

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