Wednesday, February 3, 2016

12-Hour Driving Course For My Teenager

When your kids accomplished something BIG one of the proudest person on earth are the parents. Encouraging them to explore on new things that will benefit them for lifetime we the parents play a big role in this aspect. 
Driving lessons for my son was one of which. We were planning this for over a year now since he got his student permit the LTO (Land Transportation Office) branch here in Olongapo. We put this on queued because of the Christmas break season and right after he enrolled for the third term in College.

GM Driving School was our first choice since it is the nearest and the trusted driving school in the city. For the fee of P5000 for five days, a total 12 hours of hands-on and lecture using a manual steering Toyota Vios car. The student driver can choose what time he would like to take the hands-on course that will depend on his schedule. 

He started Monday at 7:00 am for a 30-minute orientation and the rest of the hours he was set to drive the car until 9:00 am. 
He finished the hands-on that Friday and attended the two hour lecture the following day. The certicifate was given to them after the lecture. 

The next step to this is to go to LTO and secure a non-professional drivers license and practice more in driving. He enjoyed the lesson and proves himself that he can do it. 
Such an accomplishment... and I am a proud Mom!

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