Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Daughter's M Birthday Celebration

November 17, 2004 was the day when I gave birth to 8+lbs baby girl and after 11 years she still the baby girl, the cutest and the sweetest baby. 
Since her birthday landed on a school day we planned for a bonding time with some of her school friends to an afternoon arcade and a foodie trip. It was a fun-tiring afternoon to chaperone kids who were full of energy... but it was so worth it.
On the day of her birthday she went to school and gave her some money so she can buy some candies and cookies in the school canteen she wanted to give to the rest of her classmates. 
When we got off from school and work we went straight Holly's Buffet inside Subic Bay Freeport Zone with her grandparents and uncle. 
Here are some of the food photos from the restaurant that might interest you when you visit Subic Bay. The food is quiet good for an eat-all-you-can buffet. P289 per head and they serve lunch and dinner. 
The venue can host functions and small parties too. 

With us is my daughter's newest fave toy cat that was a gift she received. 

The Samygeopsal corner. 

Creamy sausage
Cheesy pizza
Pancit canton
Plain rice and fried rice on the other side 
Egg drop soup and they also have black seeweed soup

Fried chicken
Fish strips fillet
Daing na bangus
Fried chicken glazed with sweet and sour sauce
Pairings for the samgyeopsal
Some rolls and sweet syrup glazed cavandish bananas with sesame seeds.
Vegetable salad and different dressings
Fruit cut-ups (pineapple and orange)
They also have a siomai corner with chilis and oils you can choose. 
Christmas feel in the restaurant
The cozy and empty Tuesday night in the restaurant. This can be very busy specially this coming December. 

To my daughter M we wish you a very Happy Birthday and you may always be the sweet, loving and kind little girl. We love you! 

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