Monday, November 23, 2015

Gangnam Premium Korean Buffet Opens At Harbor Point Mall- A Must Try!

As much as I wanted to stay away from buffet restaurants it's like a magnet that keeps on pulling me close everytime! Earlier last week we had dinner at Holly's for my daughter's dinner celebration and my work week ended with a VIP pass at the newly open Koren buffet restaurant- Gangnam Premium Buffet (food, food and more food... haha!)

Gangnam Premiuim Buffet opened last November 20,2015 they offer Korean dishes such as Samygeopsal, Japchae, Maki rolls, Kimchi, Sweet and Spicy Chicken and variety of appetizers you can choose from. They also serves rice, soup and fruits. They also offer drinks from fruit shakes, to iced tea, sodas and beer which is not included in the eat-all-you can price of P299.00. The price is very affordable if you will compare it from other Korean restaurants, you can get limitless food you want as long as you can handle it.

My buffet trick is not to overload my plate with everything in it. I always get two plates, one for the appetizers and for the main course. I only get portion of every kind for me to taste, I usually go on the second serving if the dish or any appetizer interest my palate. 
I like the authentic flavor of the kimchi the spiciness is just right. The Samygeopsal corner is quite good too, but I was expecting Romaine lettuce instead of Iceberg kind. You also need to check out the rest of appetizers, the crispy anchovies, Ddeok-kochi was a interesting too. They also have crispy water spinach and the colorful Korean veggie pancakes. 

I will definitely go back and enjoy the whole course buffet again, probably with some friends. For me buffets are fun to do when you are with people who loves buffets too. 

If you like Korean food or simply wanted to try it check out Gangnam Korean Buffet ( formerly Jay-Jays Restaurant) located at the 2nd floor of Harbor Point Mall. Bring your family and friends and enjoy the deliciously sweet and spicy food of Gangnam Korean Buffet Restaurant. 
Special thanks to Argee of Harbor Point Mall for the VIP pass. :) 
Definitely a bitsenpieces approved buffet restaurant! 

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