Monday, December 9, 2013

Accident after Accident

I guess my kids are just so prone to hitting their accident level area. Just this morning as I was helping my daughter to prepare for school... Our usual things we do every school day. She caught up with an accident at home, I told her to go down to wear her school shoes because the school service will arrive anytime. As I hear her sing while leaving her room and me grabbed her bed cover and fixing her bed... I heard this loud blag sound for about six times. I knew that she fell from the stairs ( so scared while I hurry to see how she was). 

She was at the end of the stairs starting to cry.. Hurriedly picked her up and she almost couldn't breath. She slipped missing the third step from the top and fell 6 or 7 steps down. :( 
I made her drink a sip of water so she can calm down and told her to relax because I got her already. I was holding her while trying to inspect her body... We sat and checked to see is she had any broken bones or anything bad. 

Thank God! Nothing serious happened to her, though she complains of a little pain on her right shoulder blade. I made her skip the morning class and I didn't report for work too. Gave her cold compress and pain reliever round the clock. She was able to go to school in the afternoon and she is home now. 

I just couldn't imagine the worst thing that can happen to her, I just can understand how accident prone they are lately. Now, I need to remind them over and over again to take that extra care when they do stuff even when they are inside the house. 

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