Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Long Weekend was Fun!

The much awaited long weekend was over, did you guys enjoy your long weekend? Did you spend it with your family or friends? 
For me, as always we anticipate for those times, it is out time to spend it with the kids. 
Before the weekend started Olongapo City Mardi Gras 2013 took place and a crowd of thousand gathered and partied along the stretched of the famous Magsaysay Drive. We geared up our cameras to shoot some photos for a client who wanted to have pictures of their mini-event at the Globe stage. A band from Tuguegarao City called ( Emily's band) was performing that night. We got some photos of them below. 
Photos by Dong Serdna (Canon 60D with 70-300 mm telephoto lens)

Photos by Dong Serdna

The whole street of Magsaysay Drive was full packed estimated crowd for the event was 16,000 people breaking the record for the Sayaw Gapo (unofficial).
We head to get a cup of coffee at McDo and brought it home... ( ended up calling the hotline bec the coffee they gave us tasted like warm water) <<- lesson of the story double check what you getting from take-out.

Next morning we prepped up for my son's football City Meet competition at the Oval track, went there and took some photos of the game 
See the competitive face? He hates this photo that is why I am posting it here.
Their team stepped up to the Championship when they defeated one team from a private school 4-0 and he goaled one from yhe final score. After the championship they faced the contending champion and my son's team landed second place.

Then Sunday came, it was my daughter's day for the Halloween Trick or Treat at Harbor Point mall. We went there around 10 am and started to go hover around the list of the merchant stores with her goodie bag. 
My Snow White during the costume parade and competition. She had lots of fun and brought home two bags full of candies. 
After the program we head to the Mall's chapel for the sunday mass. 

We spent the whole Sunday at the mall, it was tiring but so worth it. Important thing is that kids had fun and was able to go with them. 

This was our weekend, what was yours?

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