Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Long Weekend was Fun!

The much awaited long weekend was over, did you guys enjoy your long weekend? Did you spend it with your family or friends? 
For me, as always we anticipate for those times, it is out time to spend it with the kids. 
Before the weekend started Olongapo City Mardi Gras 2013 took place and a crowd of thousand gathered and partied along the stretched of the famous Magsaysay Drive. We geared up our cameras to shoot some photos for a client who wanted to have pictures of their mini-event at the Globe stage. A band from Tuguegarao City called ( Emily's band) was performing that night. We got some photos of them below. 
Photos by Dong Serdna (Canon 60D with 70-300 mm telephoto lens)

Photos by Dong Serdna

The whole street of Magsaysay Drive was full packed estimated crowd for the event was 16,000 people breaking the record for the Sayaw Gapo (unofficial).
We head to get a cup of coffee at McDo and brought it home... ( ended up calling the hotline bec the coffee they gave us tasted like warm water) <<- lesson of the story double check what you getting from take-out.

Next morning we prepped up for my son's football City Meet competition at the Oval track, went there and took some photos of the game 
See the competitive face? He hates this photo that is why I am posting it here.
Their team stepped up to the Championship when they defeated one team from a private school 4-0 and he goaled one from yhe final score. After the championship they faced the contending champion and my son's team landed second place.

Then Sunday came, it was my daughter's day for the Halloween Trick or Treat at Harbor Point mall. We went there around 10 am and started to go hover around the list of the merchant stores with her goodie bag. 
My Snow White during the costume parade and competition. She had lots of fun and brought home two bags full of candies. 
After the program we head to the Mall's chapel for the sunday mass. 

We spent the whole Sunday at the mall, it was tiring but so worth it. Important thing is that kids had fun and was able to go with them. 

This was our weekend, what was yours?

Online Shopping for Birthday Gifts

Two of the most important birthdays coming November and December will be celebrated by two of the prettiest ladies in the house :D
November is my daughter's birth month and I have something in mind on what to give her.

My Mini Me with her birthday cake and gifts which she opened right away...so excited! :)

And, followed by the December birthday celebrant which is Me! Yep, another year of wisdom will be added to my numbers. Can you guess my age? Here is my birthday picture last year. 

A little over exposed from the camera flash plus the candle lights. My gorgeous white shavings red velvet cake that is super delish and a living room adorned with colored paper, balloons and roses surprise birthday greetings from my loving Tay. I am 38 on that photo and so proud! ;)

Last year I was caught up with a busy schedule at work but still I managed to get my daughter her gifts she wanted. I guess this year I might be do some online shopping for it. I got a clue on what she wanted when we were browsing this online shop called Zalora Philippines and I saw some great items for my daughter and of course a gift for myself. I subscribed to their page over a year ago and constantly getting updates from my email.

Few days ago I received an update from Zalora about this shoes and clothing brand name Ezra. I am not that much familiar with the brand but upon checking on their line of bags and shoes I instantly fancy on some of the gorgeous items. I have this picture of this orange studded turn lock tote bag in which I bookmarked already. Take a peek of the gorgeous bag I am in-love with.

 I might get this and with Zalora they will ship it for free when I purchase above P1,000. 
Have you tried online shopping with Zalora? Please do let me know some tips about it? ;)

For now, this will be included in my Birthday wish list. Will update this blog post in case I am able to get this before my birthday... Save save save! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Free Food and Discounts from Burger King Shake & Win App

Ok, when it's FREE I always raise my hand...well, who wouldn't? 
Here is another tip to get you to score some free food vouchers or even discount vouchers, this time it's from Burger King. Recently, they launched this Shake & Win application which I downloaded from Apps Store over at iOs which you can avail free food vouchers when you check-in in one of their stores. 

And since our last stop this afternoon was a good P99.00 burger meals at Burger King we tried out the application and it worked!

After doing some check-in and shakin' we got a Free Sundae Cone that is worth P10.00. Who wouldn't want a free sundae cone for the little kid? Not me! :)

The voucher automatically appeared from the app to my tablet (iPad) and with the help of one of the crew, he assisted my mini-me in the counter so she can claim it. 

We also tried shakin the other iPad amd we got a P9.00 off in one of the meals they offer, but since we were done with our food we passed the voucher. You can redeem any voucher after 10 hours on your last redeem. My next thing to do is too have all the gadgets Shake & Win downloaded. :)

You can try this app and download it from Apps Store via iOs or in Google Play via Android for Free!

Happy Shakin and Goodluck on Winning! 


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happy Meal in a Box for a Happy Kid

I wish there was McDo Happy Meal during my childhood years, I'd be one Happy Kid for sure...just like my Happy Kid when I got her a Happy Meal in a box for snack earlier.

A smiling Happy Meal box  with Burger McDo meal with fries and an orange juice for P85.00. 

McHappy Meal logo... So colorful!

My Happy and excited kid posing with that Smiley. :) Also the box has this create your cartoon figure which she will create later. 
Inside was the regular fries, Burger McDo and a Doraemon toy. 

We chose this Doraemon WristCopter toy. 

I am glad that McDo brought back this Happy Meal in a carton which really brings happiness to every kid. I love Happiness! 


Friday, October 4, 2013

3D New Generation Cafe Aroma Plus

It has been more than a week since our city of Olongapo suffered a massive flood due to non-stop down pour of rain  for more than 24 hours. After the flood subsided it was time to clean up the mess it brought to our home. Things were all cluttered up in our bedrooms. 
I saw this coffee maker in the box and yesterday decided to bring it at work and use it. 
It was a prize from Alaska Krem-top along with bags of creamer. 
3D New Generation Cafe Aroma plus 8oz coffee maker. 

It is so cute that it can be mistaken as a toy coffee maker, it holds a 220volts wattage and light-weight material plastic. It also has this filter cup where you can put the coffee grains. 

Made an 8oz Fresh brew coffee, temperature was right not too hot. Although this was not enough for me I made another one in just a few minutes. 
Now I can make my fresh brew in an instant with just one click of a button. 

It's Friday... What are you up for the weekend? :)