Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Free Food and Discounts from Burger King Shake & Win App

Ok, when it's FREE I always raise my hand...well, who wouldn't? 
Here is another tip to get you to score some free food vouchers or even discount vouchers, this time it's from Burger King. Recently, they launched this Shake & Win application which I downloaded from Apps Store over at iOs which you can avail free food vouchers when you check-in in one of their stores. 

And since our last stop this afternoon was a good P99.00 burger meals at Burger King we tried out the application and it worked!

After doing some check-in and shakin' we got a Free Sundae Cone that is worth P10.00. Who wouldn't want a free sundae cone for the little kid? Not me! :)

The voucher automatically appeared from the app to my tablet (iPad) and with the help of one of the crew, he assisted my mini-me in the counter so she can claim it. 

We also tried shakin the other iPad amd we got a P9.00 off in one of the meals they offer, but since we were done with our food we passed the voucher. You can redeem any voucher after 10 hours on your last redeem. My next thing to do is too have all the gadgets Shake & Win downloaded. :)

You can try this app and download it from Apps Store via iOs or in Google Play via Android for Free!

Happy Shakin and Goodluck on Winning! 


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